Vitoplex 300 Vitoplex 300

Low temperature oil/gas fired boiler

Rated output: 80 to 2 000 kW

Vitoplex 300

Vitoplex 300

The three-pass boiler Vitoplex 300, with its proven multi-layered convection heating surfaces, offers a particularly economical, clean and reliable operation. The integral start-up system Therm-Control makes a separate return temperature raising facility unnecessary.

Multi-layered convection heating surfaces made from triplex tubes

The multi-layered convection heating surfaces of the Vitoplex 300 comprise telescopically arranged steel pipes pressed into each other for ideal heat transfer. The internal tube with its swaged linear ribs provides a heating surface 2.5 times that of smooth pipes. The heat throughput is metered by the different intervals between the press points so that the back area of the triplex tubes, through which slightly less hot combustion gases circulate, transfers less heat to the boiler water. This way, the surface temperature remains above the dew point temperature, the formation of condensate is
counteracted and corrosion damage is prevented.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Low temperature oil/gas fired boiler, 80 to 2 000 kW
  • Multi-layered convection heating surfaces for high operational reliability and a long service life
  • Standard efficiency for operation with fuel oil: 90 % (Hs) / 96 % (Hi)
  • Standard efficiency improved by utilising condensing technology with stainless steel flue gas/water heat exchanger Vitotrans 333
  • Three-pass boiler with low combustion chamber loading. Therefore, clean combustion with low NOx emissions
  • No minimum heating water flow rate required – wide water galleries and large water content provide excellent natural circulation and a reliable heat transfer – simplified hydraulic connection
  • Integral Therm-Control start-up system for easy hydraulic connection – a shunt pump and a return temperature raising facility are not required
  • No low water indicator required for systems up to 300 kW – saving even more
  • Compact design for easy handling and low height – important for modernisation projects
  • Long burner runtimes and fewer switching intervals due to large water content protect the environment
  • No additional intermediate flow piece required, the connections required for fitting the safety equipment are available at the boiler
  • Optimum and clean combustion through matching fully wired oil/gas pressure-jet burners up to 2 000kW
  • Easy and quick installation with Divicon heating circuit distributor up to 285 kW and safety equipment block up to 170 kW
  • The flue gas header is not welded immediately to the boiler wall that is in contact with water, but is mounted on top of the triplex tubes protruding from the boiler. This counteracts condensation of hot gases
  • From 575 kW with walk-on boiler cover for easier installation and maintenance
  • Safe and economical heating system operation through the digital Vitotronic control system with communication capability. Tailored to every need, covering all known control strategies and applications. Standardised LON for complete integration into building management systems. Remote monitoring via internet TeleControl with the Vitocom and Vitodata as well as the optional integration into the Vitocontrol control panel