A British football miracle – and how it became reality with Germany

At Viessmann, we are committed to supporting sport across the globe and work with sporting individuals and teams at every level. Our approach to sport is the same as our approach to heating systems - to be the best in the field!

Our ongoing journey with Huddersfield Town FC is a great example of the Viessmann brand in action.

After spending 45 years struggling through the lower divisions, in 2017 Huddersfield Town made a sensational comeback to the Premier League. Some would say that the god of football somehow played his part, However, no divine intervention was needed for this miracle - only solid support from Germany.

Viessmann UK's Sponsorship of Huddersfield Town FC

At the end of 2015, the German-US coach David Wagner took over the reins at this cult Northern football club. Wagner was Jürgen Klopp's best man, and the two have known each other from their time back at Borussia Dortmund. Wagner banks on tried and trusted "Made in Germany" quality, acquiring top ranking German footballers such as Christopher Schindler, Michael Hefele and Elias Kachunga – and managed to cajole way better results from his squad than his tight budget would have suggested possible.

For Huddersfield's Global Partner Viessmann – celebrating its centenary this year – the spectacular return to the Premier League for the 2017-2018 season was the best possible "birthday present" for the company.

Although Huddersfield have since returned to the Championship for the 2019-2020 season, we continue to be right behind them with our full support - much like the after sales service we offer our customers.

It’s not just football we’re keen on either. Over the decades, this family-owned business has built up a reputation for its sponsoring commitment, primarily in winter sports. To play a part in the writing of football history – with the aid of German efficiency and innovation – is yet another highlight in Viessmann's sport sponsorship record of achievement.

Huddersfield "Vriendly"

With his new, first class, Premier League squad, coach Wagner has been able to put aside the long-standing rivalry between Germany and the UK, and usher in a new era of cooperation. In his team; "Brits" and "Krauts" defend and score shoulder to shoulder. In April 2017, Viessmann took German-British collaboration one step further. As part of the Huddersfield "Vriendly", two teams of heating installers, one British and one German, competed against one another. 

The "Premier League" of British heating systems

Although the Viessmann brand has long been synonymous with heating in Germany, the company is still rather more of an up-and coming star as far as the British market is concerned. We’d like to think, however, that with our ambition, expertise and reputation for going the extra mile, we can establish ourselves as a Premier League player when it comes to heating systems.

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