Commercial boilers and efficient energy systems

We are an internationally leading commercial boiler manufacturer and manufacturer of efficient energy systems.

Our comprehensive product range comprises of commercial boiler systems, heating systems and energy systems for the economic provision of steam, refrigeration and power. In addition, all energy sources can be utilised – gas, oil, biomass and solar energy as well as heat from the ground, outdoor air or waste heat generated by production processes.

Our overall range also includes control technology components plus components for remote monitoring and operation of our commercial heating systems and efficient energy systems.

In addition to this, we offer comprehensive services extending from planning to commissioning through to servicing. Furthermore, our portfolio includes the development and implementation of integrated energy concepts for the manufacturing sector and for service providers, for example in the catering industry.

> Solutions for generating energy in industry and commerce(PDF)

> Customised solutions with efficient systems for businesses, local authorities and contractors (PDF)  

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