Ice store systems – heat source for ground source heat pumps

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Utilises energy from the air, the sun and the ground
  • High efficiency resulting from combined use of different heat sources
  • Predefined system pack from 6 to 17 kW with matching components, ensuring optimum operation
  • No planning permission required [in Germany]
  • Inexpensive, energy saving natural cooling

Efficient alternative to geothermal probes

A standard pack comprises one or two ice storage tanks with water capacity of approximately 10 m³, and a matching number of solar air absorbers for installation on pitched or flat roofs.

The solar air absorbers installed on the roof utilise the heat from the ambient air and from insolation during the day and transfer it to the heat pump. They also work to regenerate the ice store if no thermal energy is being drawn by the heat pump.

The ice store installed in the ground functions as a source of heat for the heat pump if there is insufficient thermal energy available from the solar air absorbers.

This involves the heat pump extracting the thermal energy from the water until controlled freezing takes place at 0 °C. During this phase change, an ice store with a volume of 10 m³ delivers the same amount of energy as 110 litres of fuel oil.

Ice store systems with higher output require individual engineering.

Heating with ice – ice stores, the innovative energy source for heat pumps

Ice store system