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Vitocrossal 200 CM2C

Gas condensing boiler

Type CM3C, gas condensing boiler

Rated heating output: 87 to 311 kW
Standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN]: up to 98 % (Hs) [gross cv]
High operational reliability and a long service life
Self-cleaning effect
Gas condensing boiler

87 to 311 kW

Standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN]

Up to 98 % (Hs) [gross cv]

Self-cleaning effect

Thanks to smooth stainless steel surface

High operational reliability and a long service life

Thanks to corrosion-resistant Inox-Crossal heat exchanger made from stainless steel

Highly effective heat transfer

And high condensation rate

Clean combustion

Due to low combustion chamber loading and straight-through chamber design

MatriX cylinder burner

Particularly quiet and environmentally responsible operation with a modulation range down to 1:5

Open flue and room sealed operation

Selectable as required

All hydraulic connections can be made from above

For easy access

Colour touchscreen

Easy to operate Vitotronic control unit with colour touchscreen

Integral LAN interface

For internet communication and integral WiFi for service interface

Vitocrossal 300 type CM3C gas condensing unit

The Vitocrossal 300 (type CM3C) gas condensing boiler with an output of 87 to 311 kW sets a new benchmark for unit boilers. The tried and tested MatriX cylinder burner enables operation with gas types E, L and LL, and from 186 kW with LPG, as well as modulation down to 20 percent.

Extremely convenient to service

Servicing the Vitocrossal 300 is simplicity itself. The gas spring enables the front part of the boiler cover to be easily pivoted open. The side panels can be pushed back, allowing clear access to the MatriX cylinder burner.

Convenient servicing thanks to easy to open casings

Advanced condensing technology

The stainless steel Inox-Crossal heat exchanger has been designed to make the best use of condensing technology. This smooth stainless steel heat exchanger lets the condensate created by the condensing process simply run off downwards. This creates a permanent self-cleaning effect, which maximises the benefits of the condensing technology, thereby extending the service life and reducing the need for maintenance.

Robust burner with a long service life

Developed and manufactured in-house, MatriX cylinder burners and MatriX radiant burners enjoy a long service life, all thanks to the MatriX gauze.

Integral cascade function for up to eight units

The Vitocrossal 300 is the ideal boiler for apartment buildings and commercial enterprises. A cascade function for up to eight units is possible and is already built into the control unit. This means that a cascade consisting of 8 x 142 kW delivers a total output of 1136 kW. For multi boiler systems with two units, Viessmann supplies prefabricated system pipework and flue gas headers made from stainless steel.

The heating centre uses tried and tested condensing technology components from Viessmann, such as the Inox-Crossal heat exchanger and the MatriX cylinder burner or Matrix radiant burner. The boiler can be operated in either open flue or room sealed mode.

Vitotronic 200 – integral control unit for unit boilers

The user friendly Vitotronic control unit with a large colour touchscreen enables quick commissioning using the assistant function.

Integral internet interface

The boiler can be connected directly to the internet for remote monitoring via the integral LAN interface. The Vitosoft 300 service tool communicates directly via WiFi. Energy consumption can be clearly visualised on the control unit's energy cockpit.

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Product details

Output in kW (modulating)

87 to 311 kW. Type CM3C 8/2017: output stages: 29.0–87.0; 38.0–115.0; 47.0–142.0; 37.0–186.0; 62.0–246.0; 62.0–311.0 kW

Standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN]

Up to 98 % (Hs) [gross cv]

Energy efficiency class



Natural gas E, L, LL; LPG from 186 kW

Application area

Gas heating in apartment buildings as well as in public and commercial premises, new build and modernisation projects


Easy to operate Vitotronic control unit with colour touchscreen. Integral LAN interface for internet communication and integral WiFi for service interface.

DHW heating

Additional DHW cylinder(s) required for high level of DHW convenience

Additional features

MatriX cylinder burner with a modulation range down to 1:5

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