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Choosing a Viessmann heating system for your home will make efficiency more attractive. Utilising reliable condensing technology in our oil and gas boilers, we provide modern boilers at an attractive price. 

Uniquely, we manufacture the critical components of our boilers within our own award winning factory. For instance, our unique Inox-Radial stainless steel heat exchanger is designed for long term reliability, high performance and self cleaning. To ensure long-term performance, it comes with a 10 year warranty against corrosion.

Whilst our patented MatriX cylinder burner distributes heat cleanly and efficiently, ensuring Nitrogen Oxide production is kept to a minimum.

Each of the models in our boiler range are offered with warranties ranging from two to five years. However, choose a Viessmann Trained Installer to install your boiler and you will be provided with the option of an extended warranty.

We offer tailor-made system solutions for all energy sources for use in detached houses and apartment buildings. Our comprehensive range includes oil and gas condensing boilers and micro CHP units.

Our range of renewable energy systems features solar thermal systems to heat domestic hot water and to provide central heating backup and cooling, as well as special boilers for logs, woodchips and pellets. We also offer heat pumps that exploit heat from the ground, from groundwater or from the ambient air and plus photovoltaic systems.

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