Modular power storage system Vitocharge

Optimises power consumption and makes it almost independent of the public power grid

Combined heat and power and photovoltaic systems can generate as much electricity for a single-family home as a family of four uses over the year. The Vitocharge power storage system completes the energy system. It allows the provision of power when it is needed.

This makes the efficient decentralized power supply with high self-consumption and self-sufficiency a reality. Viessmann is the only manufacturer that can supply all products from one source in order to be able to use self-generated electricity effectively and economically. The user makes it independent of the public electricity grid.

 89/5000 Energy system from combined heat and power, photovoltaic system, electricity storage

Vitocharge makes independent of the public electricity grid

With an excess of energy Vitocharge is charged. As soon as more power is needed again, the missing energy comes from the battery. In conjunction with a photovoltaic system, it is possible to store the electricity generated during the day. At night, for example, an electric vehicle is loaded, which is ready in the morning for departure.

Own electricity for the heat pump

Another particularly energy-saving solution is the interaction of heat pump, photovoltaic and Vitocharge. Here, the electrical components are operated in the heat pump with self-generated electricity. The conventional and more expensive case would be to supply the heat pump with electricity from the public grid.

Battery modules with a long service life

The life of the battery modules is more than 6000 charging cycles, with self-consumption rates of more than 80 percent and amortization of less than 10 years. The customer can thus operate the energy system economically and make himself highly self-sufficient.

Battery module
Modular storage system

Modular storage system

Different power generators and power consumption requirements require flexible memory sizes. For this purpose, the Vitocharge power storage system was designed as a modular system. Each unit can hold up to four battery modules, resulting in a maximum storage capacity of 3.2 kWh and 12.8 kWh. The installation is very easy. After the drawer principle, the battery modules are inserted and go automatically into operation.

All information at a glance

The large display in the control panel of the power storage system informs at a glance about the respective charging and operating state. Icons indicate whether currently loaded or unloaded. The user is then self-powered if the display shows a grid power of 0.0 kW.

Displays in the control panel of the power storage system
Function diagram PV system - CHP unit - power storage

Functional diagram

The total amount of self-generated electricity results from the PV system and the CHP unit. He is consumed immediately in the house. Vitocharge stores excess electricity and provides it when needed.

Benefits at a glance

  • Greater independence from the electricity supplier
  • Reduction of electricity costs through optimized consumption of self-generated electricity 
  • Grid replacement operation for security of supply in the event of power failure 
  • Electrification of properties without grid connection (eg mountain huts, holiday homes) 
  • Easy installation by preassembled compact unit
  • Installation of the battery modules after drawer principle
Storage system Vitocharge