Heating with airborne and geothermal energy – independence from fossil fuels

A heat pump makes use of natural energy in a particularly effective and environmentally responsible way: Energy is drawn from the ambient air, ground or groundwater by means of a heat exchanger and, in a heat pump circuit, raised to a temperature level that is useful for heating. Using this free energy from nature means you are no longer reliant upon oil or gas. Plus your investment pays for itself in just a few years.

Efficient and convenient

Heat pumps from Viessmann are so efficient that they provide convenient heating the whole year round. In summer the system can, with slight adjustments, be used for cooling the living space as well.

Domestic ventilation with heat recovery

For those living and working in confined spaces, controlled air changes are essential. Controlled mechanical ventilation ensures comfortable ambient conditions, reduces ventilation heat demand and lowers heating bills. Ventilation units claw back up to 98 percent of the latent heat in extract air, using it to heat the inrushing outdoor air. Combined with a Vitocal heat pump, this forms a complete air conditioning system for low energy, passive energy and plus energy houses.

Heat pump plus photovoltaic system diagram

Use with various energy sources

The following examples demonstrate how you can use airborne and geothermal energy to reduce energy bills and conserve valuable resources with advanced technology.

Heat pump for utilising energy from the ground (collector)

Geothermal energy (collector)

[1] Vitocal heat pump
[2] DHW cylinder
[3] Heating water buffer cylinder

Heat pump for utilising energy from the ground (probe)

Geothermal energy (probe)

[1] Vitocal heat pump
[2] DHW cylinder
[3] Heating water buffer cylinder

Heat pump for utilising energy from the ground, the air and the sun (ice store)

Energy from the ground, the air and the sun (ice store)

[1] Vitocal heat pump
[2] Ice store
[3] Solar/air absorber

Heat pump for utilising energy from the air

Airborne energy

[1] Vitocal heat pump
[2] DHW cylinder
[3] Heating water buffer cylinder

Heat pump for utilising energy from groundwater

Energy from groundwater

[1] Vitocal heat pump
[2] DHW cylinder
[3] Heating water buffer cylinder

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Ambient air, ground or groundwater supply thermal energy free of charge – energy which can be efficiently utilised with a heat pump
  • A heat pump offers independence from oil or gas
  • In summer, heat pumps can also be used to cool the interior
  • When combined with a mechanical ventilation unit, your home will be equipped with a complete air conditioning system.

Vitocal 300-A air source heat pump

Air source heat pumps

The modulating Vitocal 300-A and Vitocal 200-A heat pump systems achieve the highest levels of efficiency in every aspect of their operation. High COPs generate low operating costs. An inverter-controlled compressor matches its output to the building’s actual heat demand. Rated heating output: 3 to 9 kW/5 to 7 kW, energy efficiency class A++/A++*

Vitocal 300-A product info
Split Vitocal 242-S compact heat pump

Compact split heat pump (air source)

Vitocal 242-S uses free energy in ambient air. An integral DHW cylinder ensures the highest levels of DHW convenience. Modulating operation precisely tailors performance to the prevailing heating or cooling demand. Rated heating output: 3 to 11.3 kW, cylinder capacity: 220 l, with solar function, energy efficiency class A++/A+ (AWT-AC 241.A04 to A10)* A++/A++ (AWT-AC 241.B10 to B16)*

Vitocal 242-S product info
Vitocal 242-G compact heat pump

Compact heat pumps (ground source)

Vitocal 242-G/222-G with integral DHW cylinder and solar connection (Vitocal 242-G) is the complete solution for heating and DHW heating in low energy houses. Vitocal 242-G is also prepared for solar connection. The heat pumps make for a perfect combination with a mechanical ventilation system. Rated heating output: 6.1 to 10 kW, cylinder capacity: 220 l/170 l, energy efficiency class A++/A++*

Vitocal 242-G product info
Vitofriocal ice store system

Ice store system for heat pumps

The Vitofriocal system, which consists of solar air absorbers and ground storage tanks, serves as an environmentally friendly, cost effective heat source for ground source heat pumps. Outdoor air, insolation and the ground are used simultaneously as sources of energy. Rated heating output for heat pumps: 6 to 17 kW, cylinder capacity: approx. 10 m³

Ice store system product info
Efficient utilisation of airborne and geothermal energy with a heat pump

Efficient utilisation of airborne and geothermal energy: with a Viessmann heat pump

Airborne and geothermal energy are renewables and can make a substantial contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

A heat pump is the first choice for those who want to reduce their heating bills and protect the environment. After all, the natural environment provides the heat pump with an unlimited, and free, supply of the energy it needs. This heating technology offers one of the cleanest and most economical ways to generate heat or provide cooling.

The heat pump function even allows it to cool your interior in summer, subject to some slight adjustments, for example using the low temperatures underground (natural cooling). In doing so, the heat pump provides a natural way to lower room temperatures. The cooling function is already included in the user friendly heat pump control unit.

Utilise free airborne and geothermal energy for heating and cooling – with innovative technology from Viessmann.

* Energy efficiency class as per EU regulation No. 811/2013 for heating, average climatic conditions – low (35 °C) / medium temperature applications (55 °C)