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Homeowner Guide to Customer Services

Homeowner Guide to Customer Services

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Our Customer Care and Technical teams are happy to talk you through any questions you may have relating to your Viessmann product.  We have a range of resources, tools and frequently asked Questions which may help you.


Troubleshooting page, Helpful videos or Frequently Asked Questions to help answer your enquiry? URL to Technical/troubleshooting (NO PAGE) & Current FAQ’s

Register a guarantee 

Recently purchased a product? Remember to register your guarantee to take full advantage of our support services.

Warranty Registrations

For any queries or questions regarding your warranty registration, click here.

Check my warranty details

For any queries or questions regarding your warranty registration, click here.

Do you need an Engineers visit?

As well as supporting your product warranty, Viessmann offers annual servicing, including our Vito Service offer where we fix your annual service price for 3 years. 

We also offer Fixed Price Repairs on our domestic gas boiler range. 

Along with commissioning, repair and callouts for our complete commercial range. Book a warranty visit, make an inquiry, or call one of our Customer Service (Care?) Team on 01952675000.

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Product Manuals

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Product Brochures

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