References and customer experiences with the Vitovalor

Both innovative and reliable: The Vitovalor has already proven itself 1000 times over in Germany.

The Vitovalor consists of two units: a gas condensing module from Viessmann and the fuel cell from Panasonic. The latter has already been installed over 200,000 times in Japan, where customers view it as a highly trusted product. The Vitovalor also has what it takes as a complete system, as satisfied customers confirm.

Futureproof technology results in considerably lower energy consumption

Monika Oesinghaus in front of her house, constructed in 1972, which has had several extensions and recently underwent energy efficient modernisation. The total living space and utility area cover 270 square metres. Together with the modernisation measures, operating a Vitovalor  results in considerably lower energy consumption for the house.

Monika Oesinghaus: "My flue gas inspector said that my old heating system – which was already 18 years old – would have kept going a bit longer. But I wanted to use the most advanced technology in my home – and keep it that way, too. I took part in a competition and was lucky enough to win a Vitovalor . The appliance has been working away in my basement ever since and reliably provides my large house with heat and power."

Vitovalor makes the Dönges family that bit more independent of rising electricity prices

Jürgen Dönges was one of the first to operate a fuel cell and is still very satisfied with his Vitovalor. This family of four has been living in their newly built detached house with a low heat demand since 2013.

Jürgen Dönges: 

"I am someone who is very interested in technology and I have been following the development of the Vitovalor for quite some time. Since 2013, we have had one of our own and I am still glad of it every day. The majority of the power we need comes from the fuel cell. So I am also contributing to the energy transition."

The fuel cell heating appliance ensures energy saving operation in new build

Mirko Schwan's main priority for his new house is energy efficiency. When looking for the right heating system, he came across the Vitovalor and has never looked back. Its extremely efficient and reliable operation has given him no cause for regret.  

Mirko Schwan:

"Our house has a very low heat demand, which is why we predominantly use the Vitovalor for DHW heating. As a by-product, it also generates electricity. Recently, we have started feeding this into a power storage unit which also comes from Viessmann. As a result, we always have enough power to see us through the evening. It's great!"

The Vitovalor can also be operated efficiently in modernised existing buildings such as Dieter Lotz's apartment building

Dieter Lotz:

"I initially thought fuel cells were only suitable for new buildings. But after I'd had the building renovated, the heat demand dropped drastically. Since then, running a fuel cell has proven more and more worthwhile, especially because we consume all of the power and also use it for DHW heating. The Vitovalor is installed in the ground floor flat and can barely be heard when it is running."

The latest technology in modernised existing buildings: Dieter Lotz (below), owner of an apartment building built in 1970, enjoys considerable energy savings and lower electricity bills.