Vitocal 300-A

High-efficiency heat pump for outdoor installation for office and commercial buildings

With energy ratings of A++, our monobloc Vitocal 300-A heat pump provides cost effective and environmentally responsible heating. 

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  • Low Operating
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Power Supply
    400 Volts
  • Existing system
  • Low operating
    sound levels
  • Quick
  • Made for
    Commercial Buildings


  • Low operating costs thanks to high COP (coefficient of performance)
  • COP value according to EN 14511 up to 4.3  for (A7/W35) and up to 3.7 for (A2/W35)
  • Low noise and low vibration thanks to sound-optimised unit design
  • Remote control and monitoring function
  • Cascade function for up to 5 heat pumps which can deliver up to 280 kW
  • 3 output models including 24 kW, 33 kW and 56 kW
  • Excellent partial load behaviour due to 2-stage design
  • Efficient defrosting through refrigerant circuit reversal 

Key Benefits

Vitocal 300-A air/water heat pump  (AWO 302.B25 and AWO 302.B40

Two-stage air-to-water heat pump for outdoor installation generates environmentally friendly and cost effective heat from outside air.

Vitotronic 200 control unit

For simple commissioning and control of the heat pump, the Vitotronic 200 (WO1C) is wall mounted for easy access. In a bivalent system, for example in combination with gas, oil or an electric boiler, the heat pump controller can automatically switch to a second source.

In addition, the Vitotronic 200 heat pump control unit is capable of communication via the Vitocom 100 or Vitocom 300 module. It allows the heat pump system to be set and monitored via the internet with the Vitotrol app using a smartphone or PC with the Vitodata 100 browser.

Good choice for commercial buildings

With a high COP value of up to 4.3 (A7/W35) the externally installed heat pump provides comfortable heat supply for commercial office space or business buildings. Even with temperature of  -22 °C, the unit still achieves a flow temperature of up to 64 °C (AWO 302.B60)

Two compressors reduce operating costs

Two output stages ensure economical operation of the Vitocal 300-A. Around 70% of the annual heating energy can be achieved at partial load. In this case, the heat pump runs with only one compressor and achieves the best performance figures. 

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