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A leader in industrial boiler plants across Europe and Asia, Viessmann offers customised, versatile and reliable solutions for the most demanding of industrial applications, with a steam output range of up to 120 t/h and support for a range of fuels.

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  • High pressure
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    120 t/h
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  • Pre-assembled and
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  • Steam output up to 120 t/h
  • Pre-assembled and tested components
  • Developed and built by a market leading manufacturer
  • Range of boilers in the medium and high output range
  • Tailor-made solutions for individual industrial applications
  • Solutions available for oil, gas, biomass and solid fuel

Key Benefits

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Leader in industrial boiler plants across Europe and Asia
  • Individual solutions for international markets
  • Pre-assembled and tested components
  • Steam output up to 120 t/h

Tailor-made boilers for industrial applications

With six different boiler types, Viessmann covers practically every energy demand in the medium to high output range.

Thanks to their excellent design and high equipment level, flame tube boilers offer the best conditions for meeting individual customer requirements in many application areas. As steam boilers, they deliver up to 30 t/h.

Combined water tube and shell boilers offer a steam output of up to 80 t/h at temperatures up to 400°C.

Water tube boilers have a capacity of up to 120 t/h of saturated or superheated steam.  

In a waste heat boiler, steam is generated from the waste heat of a gas turbine or gas engine.

Alongside oil and gas boilers, our product range also includes solid fuel and biomass boilers.

HKB Ketelbouw BV

HKB is a specialist in the development and manufacture of major turnkey plants for generating steam and hot water.

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