Heating with airborne and geothermal heat – making the best possible use of renewables with a heat pump

Heat pumps utilise renewable energy from the ground, sun, groundwater or air. They lower consumption of fossil fuels, conserve valuable resources and reduce CO2 emissions that damage the environment.

Viessmann heat pumps hold a further advantage – many of them feature active and natural cooling functions. Alongside their classic application as heat generators on cold days, they can also create a pleasant interior in summer by bringing refreshing cool air into the house.

Viessmann's extensive product range offers the right heat pump to suit every demand. Even at the planning stage, structural and geological conditions, as well as personal and individual preferences concerning heat demand can be taken into account.

Viessmann heat pumps can be used in new build and modernisation projects, they can be operated in conjunction with solar thermal systems and even combined with an existing oil or gas heating system to form a multi mode system. This gives you plenty of scope for implementing your own ideas or designs.


Ice store – innovative heat source for ground source heat pumps

Heat pumps today utilise ambient air, the ground or groundwater as their heat sources. The new ice store concept combines airborne and geothermal heat, and can also use insolation as a heat source.

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Heat pumps are the first choice for those who want to lower their heating bills and generate heat in a more environmentally responsible way. After all, the environment provides the heat pump with the unlimited and free supply of the energy it needs. This fully-fledged heating system needs very little power for its drives and pumps in order to make this energy available. A heat pump makes you independent of fossil fuels, and in addition, actively contributes towards reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the climate.