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Utilise heat from the ground and air

Our advanced heat pump technology utilises the latent heat in outdoor air and the ground to provide cost effective and environmentally responsible heating. These pumps can be used as standalone units or they can be incorporated into your existing heating system as an additional source of heat.

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Operating a heat pump saves valuable resources

In contrast to traditional heating appliances, heat pump systems harness renewable energy from the ground, sun, groundwater or air. They therefore reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, conserving valuable resources in the process. They also lower CO2 emissions that harm the environment.

Viessmann heat pumps hold a further advantage. Many of our solutions feature active and natural cooling functions. This means that as well as generating heat on cold days, they can bring refreshing cool air into your home during the summer.

All of our heat pump heating and cooling solutions are designed and made to the highest standards, offering impressive efficiency and longevity.

Heat pump types

Air source heat pumps

Giving you heating and hot water throughout the year, air source heat pumps generate heat energy from the surrounding air. They continue to work even when temperatures outside dip as low as -15°C.

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Ground source heat pumps

Featuring geothermal probes or collectors buried outside your home, these heat pumps use the ground as their primary source of energy. They provide heating and hot water for your home.

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Heat Pump Case Studies

Project of the year 2020

The client and Sheffield City Council agreed to develop an old industrial area on the outskirts of Sheffield and aim to achieve the passiv haus standard.

2020 heat pump case study
Goodwood Education Centre

Owners of a new-build home in Farnham, Surrey seek renewable energy solution to protect themselves from rising fossil fuel prices and carbon taxation.

Education centre air source heat pump
Rural home in Shropshire

The Vitocal 100-A heat pump can achieve up to 60°C at -5°C outside temperature, ideally suited for the cold British winter.

Rural property air source heat pump
Listed Victorian hotel

Ground source heat pump fitted in boutique hotel in a Grade 1 listed Victorian factory building in the centre of Cork.

Hotel ground source heat pump
New-build, Farnham

Owners of a new-build home in Farnham, Surrey seek renewable energy solution to protect themselves from rising fossil fuel prices and carbon taxation.

New build Ground source heat pump case study
Self-build, Wales

Whilst building their home using recycled materials, this family explored how they could improve the efficiency of their heating system by investing in heat pump technology.

Self build case study
Rural property, Cornwall

A couple with a large four bed self-build property in rural Cornwall decided to explore alternative options to oil and LPG, as they are off the gas grid. 

Water source heat pump case study
Natural and active cooling

As well as providing heating and hot water, our natural and active cooling systems use heat pump technology to cool your home in hot weather.

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Large heat pumps

We also offer heat pump heating systems designed for commercial operations and larger residential complexes.

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The Vitocal Family

You’ll find heating and cooling solutions to suit your property in our Vitocal range. 

We offer tailor-made systems for central heating and cooling, as well as hot water supply. Whether you need a heat pump for a new build or a modernisation project, you can rely on us.

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Design & Technology

Innovative design and engineering

Engineered in Germany, Viessmann heat pumps feature advanced acoustic design (AAD), a modern, timeless appearance and superior build quality for long lasting performance and reliability. The units are also designed to be compatible with photovoltaic energy from solar panels.

Our heat pumps can integrate with new, purpose built heating systems for increased efficiency and sustainability, and they can also be incorporated as an additional heat source when renovating existing heating systems.

Ideal for new builds and modernisations

Our heat pumps are highly versatile solutions. They can be ideal whether you are looking for a heating system for a new build or a renovation, and they can be operated in conjunction with solar thermal systems to bring further cost savings and environmental benefits. In addition, they can be combined with an existing gas or oil heating system to form a multi-mode system.

This enables every building and property owner to put their plans into action in the most efficient way possible.

Ready for smart technology

Our heat pumps are designed with smart technology in mind and include the option to be controlled remotely via our free ViCare app and Vitoconnect, giving you fingertip control over the efficiency and comfort of your home from wherever you are and helping you to save money even when you are on the go.

How do heat pumps work?

In simple terms, heat pumps are systems that move heat from the ground or air into your home using a small amount of energy. They work in a similar way to a refrigerator, but in reverse. A fridge directs heat to the outside, while in contrast a heat pump takes energy from the ground or air and transfers in to your home. To reach the flow temperatures necessary for heating systems, the medium used to carry the heat is compressed.

We use the most advanced components and cutting edge compressor technology in our heat pumps, ensuring they are quiet, operate with minimal vibrations and benefit from an extremely long service life.

Heat pumps enable you to take advantage of renewable energy sources and they can help you to cut your carbon footprint and lower your energy costs.

Efficiency Label

Our heat pumps are designed to be highly efficient. Take a look at their ErP ratings to see for yourself. The ErP labelling system, which was introduced by the European Union in 2015, is designed to make it easy to tell how energy efficient appliances are.

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Our most popular Heat Pumps

Vitocal 100-A
Space-saving monobloc heat pump for outdoor installation

For new build and modernisation properties. With energy ratings of A+++, our extremely quiet monobloc Vitocal 100-A heat pump provides maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption.

Discover the Vitocal 100-A
  • Low Operating
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Suitable for 
    New Build
  • Suitable for
Discover the Vitocal 100-A
  • EfficiencyLabel

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