Vitocal 200-A Air Source Heat Pump
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Vitocal 200-A

Environmentally responsible, low cost heating

The monobloc Vitocal 200-A utilises the latent heat in outdoor air for environmentally responsible and cost effective heating. Designed and manufactured in Germany featuring great performance, a superb finish and excellent...

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Utilise the latent heat in outdoor air

Our advanced heat pump technology utilises the latent heat in outdoor air for environmentally responsible and cost effective heating. Heat pumps can be used as standalone units or incorporated with your existing heating system as an additional heat source.

Operating a heat pump saves valuable resources

Unlike traditional heating appliances, heat pumps utilise renewable energy from the ground, sun, groundwater or air. They lower consumption of fossil fuels, conserve valuable resources and reduce CO2 emissions that damage the environment.

Viessmann heat pumps hold a further advantage – many of them feature active and natural cooling functions. Alongside their classic application as heat generators on cold days, they can also create a pleasant interior in summer by bringing refreshing cool air into the house.

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How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps work like a refrigerator, just in reverse. While a refrigerator directs heat to the outside, heat pumps take energy from the air or the ground and transfer it into the living space via the heating system. The transfer medium carrying the heat drawn from the environment is compressed in order to reach the flow temperatures necessary for different heating systems.

The compression process is critical for the efficiency of a heat pump. This is why Viessmann uses the most advanced components and state of the art compressor technology in its heat pumps. Their operation is characterised by quiet running, low vibrations and an extremely long service life without the need for maintenance.

A heat pump heating system in a family home

Innovative design and engineering

Engineered in Germany, Viessmann heat pumps feature advanced acoustic design (AAD), a modern, timeless appearance and superior build quality for long lasting performance and reliability. The versatile units are also designed to be compatible with photovoltaic energy from solar panels. Heat pumps can integrate with new, purpose built heating systems for increased efficiency and sustainability and are also straightforward to incorporate as an additional heat source when renovating existing heating systems.

Ready for smart technology

Our heat pumps are designed with smart technology in mind and include the option to be controlled remotely via our free ViCare app and Vitoconnect; giving you fingertip control over the efficiency and comfort of your home from wherever you are, helping you to save money even when you are on the go.

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