The comprehensive Viessmann product range

The comprehensive range from Viessmann offers you futureproof systems for oil, gas, solar, wood and natural heat.
When it comes to saving energy and making a decision that is secure for the future, Viessmann will show you the way. Compared with many specialist suppliers, your Viessmann engineer can give unbiased advice about all heat sources and make a clear recommendation.

Our comprehensive product range sets new standards
The comprehensive product range from Viessmann includes advanced heating systems for all fuel types and for every output range from 1.5 to 20 000 kW.
The range is divided into the categories 100, 200 and 300, both technically and in terms of price and so is able to offer a suitable solution for any requirement, with everything supplied from a single source, with perfectly matching system components.

Oil fired boilers

Oil-fired boilers

Viessmann offers a comprehensive range for oil in three categories, including highly efficient low temperature and condensing boilers from 13 to 20 000 kW in cast iron and steel, as both freestanding and wall mounted versions.

Gas fired boilers

Gas fired boilers

The Viessmann gas boiler range in three categories includes freestanding and wall mounted boilers as low teperature and condensing version from 4 to 20 000 kW.

Solar thermal heating

Solar thermal and photovoltaics

Viessmann is one of the leading European manufactures of solar thermal systems. Innovative flat-plate and tube collectors for DHW heating and central heating backup are available.

Wood burning boilers

Wood burning boilers

Viessmann offers complete solutions for wood - from pellet boilers for supplying heat to detached houses as well as to complex systems for the generation of power and heat from biomass, for example for residential complexes, commercial operations or utility companies (output: 4 to 13 000 kW).

Heat pumps

Heat pumps

Utilising naturally occuring heat. The comprehensive heat pump range from Viessmann extends from compact units for passive houses to cascaded solutions with several hundred kilowatt output. Brine, water and air can serve as heat sources.