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Vitotrol 200-E

Remote control

Hardwired remote control for heating systems.

Time programs for up to four heating circuits
Convenience functions such as holiday program
Specification of set temperatures
Integral room temperature sensor
Vitotrol 200-E remote control

Vitotrol 200-E hardwired remote control unit

The Vitotrol  200-E is a hardwired remote control unit that can be installed in any living space.

  • Time programs for up to four heating circuits and DHW cylinders
  • With convenience functions such as holiday program/holiday at home program
  • Specification of the set DHW temperature and up to 3 set values for the room temperature
  • With integral room temperature sensor for room temperature hook-up (only for one heating circuit with mixer)
  • With backlit graphic display for indication of outside temperature, room temperature & operating states
  • Wall mounted Vitotrol  200-E for connection to the heating system
  • Extra low voltage (ELV) plug, 2-pole socket terminal
  • Hardwired communication via PlusBus
  • 2-core lead, max. length 50  m (even when connecting several remote control units)
  • On-site 2-core lead, minimum cross-section 0.75 mm², max. total cable length of the Plus bus 50  m
  • Connection of up to two Vitotrol  200-E remote control units possible
  • Never route this lead immediately next to 230/400 V cables
  • Extra low voltage (ELV) plug included in standard delivery

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