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Vitobloc 200

Type EM-430/580 version SCR

CHP unit for operation with natural gas

Electrical output: 435 kW
Thermal output: 281 + 32 kW
Low emissions due to SCR catalytic converter
High electrical efficiency of 39.6 %

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Electrical output

435 kW

Thermal output

581 + 32 kW

Low emissions due to SCR catalytic converter

Facilitates compliance with emission limits

High electrical efficiency of 39.6 %

Results in short payback time

Low running costs

Through long service intervals

Robust engine

With low maintenance

Online monitoring via Telecontrol

Cuts response times to reduce downtimes

Good spare parts supply

Through a nationwide service network

Sound power level

Max. 90 dB(A)

Vitobloc 200 type EM-430/580 version SCR

The new Vitobloc  200 EM-430/580 version SCR combined heat and power unit (CHP unit) already meets the requirements of the 4th German Immissions Ordinance (BImSchV): thanks to its built-in SCR catalytic converter, it achieves particularly low nitrogen oxide emissions. The CHP unit has a consistently high electrical efficiency of 39.6  percent. This ensures permanently efficient operation over the unit's entire lifecycle.

Powerful addition to the range

With the Vitobloc 200  EM-430/580 version SCR, Viessmann has expanded its portfolio of products for combined heat and power generation for local authorities, trade and industry with a comprehensive range suitable for a wide variety of applications. Thanks to its modular design, this CHP unit can be configured to meet the particular needs of its users.

With an output of 435  kWel / 281 + 32  kWth, the Vitobloc  200 EM-430/580 version SCR is aimed specifically at public facilities, power supply utilities, contractors, trade and industry. Versions with return temperatures from 60 to 80  °C are also available. This allows integration into systems with absorption refrigeration units and thermal oil applications. The combination with waste heat boilers rounds off the wide range of applications.

Long service intervals

The robust construction of the CHP unit guarantees high operational reliability, extended maintenance intervals and a long service life. The combustion engine thus allows a long runtime of 1000  hours until the next service call. Viessmann's comprehensive service guarantees maximum availability of the CHP unit, which operates highly efficiently throughout its entire lifecycle.

Product details


Type EM-430/580 version SCR

Electrical output

435  kW

Thermal output

281 + 32  kW

Electrical efficiency

39.6  %

Overall efficiency

90  %

Sound power level

Max. 90  dB(A)

Dimensions (length x width x height)

4000 x 1600 x 2000  mm


7300  kg

Additional features

Optional external exhaust gas heat exchanger with 300  kWth

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