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Vitocal 200-A

Air source heat pump

Air source heat pump in monobloc design

Rated heating output: 4.0 to 12.0 kW
Separate indoor and outdoor units
Highest efficiency in the smallest of spaces
Ideal for use in densely built-up areas
Rated heating output

4.0 to 12.0 kW

Separate indoor and outdoor units

Enables almost silent operation of the indoor unit

Highest efficiency in the smallest of spaces

Ideal for use even in terraced housing

Especially quiet thanks to advanced acoustic design

Thanks to innovative technology and optimally matched system components

Short installation time and simplified maintenance

Due to good accessibility to all important components

Cooling function

Heating and cooling in one thanks to reversible circuit

Low running costs

Due to high COP

Consume self-generated power

Thanks to preparation for optimised power consumption from photovoltaic systems

High product quality

And a modern, timeless design

Easy to use Vitotronic control unit

With plain text and graphic display

Web-enabled via free ViCare app

And Vitoconnect (optional)

Outdoor unit of the Vitocal 200-A air source heat pump in monobloc design

Vitocal 200-A – air source heat pump in monobloc design

Highest efficiency in the smallest of spaces. Thanks to innovative technology and optimally matched system components, the Vitocal  200-A is one of the quietest heat pumps of its kind. It can even be installed where the statutory requirements on noise are very strict, for example in residential areas.

Benefits of the Vitocal  200-A air source heat pump at a glance

Air source heat pumps in the monobloc design are characterised by separation into an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, with water-carrying connection lines. The division into indoor and outdoor unit has several advantages: for one thing, the components that are mainly responsible for noise emissions are installed in the outdoor unit. As a result, the indoor unit operates almost silently. For another, both units are connected to each other via water-filled connection lines. This ensures a short installation time, as the contractor carrying out the installation does not require a special certificate of competence (refrigerant certificate). Good accessibility to all important components also facilitates maintenance.

When it comes to modernisation, the heat pump is well suited to dual mode operation. In this case the existing system remains operational to cover peak loads when temperatures are particularly low. This significantly improves system efficiency.

The Vitocal 200-A in the monobloc design not only provides efficient and reliable heat in the winter months. It is also as quiet as a whisper.

The Vitocal  200-A monobloc heat pump utilises the latent heat in the outdoor air for environmentally responsible and cost effective heating. It is available either solely for heating, or for heating and cooling.

Vitocal cooling function

These new outdoor units in their timeless design are very easy on the eye. These appliances with one or two fans are designed and manufactured in-house. Consequently, they offer very good performance data, an excellent finish and superb product quality.

The monoblock Vitocal  200-A is designed for economical operation. All installed components are matched to each other, which means that the heat pump achieves a very high level of efficiency during operation. This high efficiency can be expressed in figures: according to EN  14511, the Vitocal  200-A achieves a COP (coefficient of performance) of up to 5.0 at an outside temperature of 7.0  °C and a water temperature of 35.0  °C. If the outside temperature is 2.0  °C and the water temperature is 35.0  °C, the COP is still 4.1.

The acoustic properties of the outdoor units of our monoblock heat pumps comply with advanced acoustic design (AAD) specifications. This involves optimising the frequency spectrum so that low sounds are shifted into a higher frequency range. There, they are perceived as less of a nuisance and can be better absorbed by the building substance.

The Vitocal 200-A is therefore particularly well suited to densely built-up areas, such as terraced housing. You can also find detailed information about this in our knowledge section on volume and sound of air source heat pumps.

Sketch of a terraced housing area

The integrated range of solutions for the Vitocal 200-A

Benefit from the value added services and digital services of Viessmann's integrated range of solutions.

ViCare app

The ViCare app provides intuitive heating control. Green for go – the user can see at a glance in the app whether their heating system is working as it should.

More about the ViCare app

ViGuide app

ViGuide is an app for trade partners. It has numerous functions for monitoring and controlling systems in both detached houses and apartment buildings and provides rapid access to Technical Service.

More about the ViGuide app

Important features of the Vitocal  200-A

What makes the Vitocal  200-A heat pump stand out, in addition to the short installation time and intuitive control unit, is its ability to control Viessmann ventilation units.

The compact, wall mounted indoor unit, complete with hydraulics and control unit, is quiet and can be installed near the living space. The connection lines to the outdoor unit are filled with water. The installer does not need a special certificate of competence (refrigerant certificate) to install them. The refrigerant circuit is hermetically sealed, which means that a refrigerant leak test is not necessary. The high degree of pre-assembled components and coordinated accessories means the Vitocal  200-A can be installed very quickly.  

With the Vitotronic control unit, you can control your heating system conveniently and intuitively. All the most important information is clearly arranged and easy to find. The Vitotronic control unit is also web-enabled. All you need is the Vitoconnect interface (accessory) and the free ViCare app. This not only allows you to control your system from wherever you are – remote maintenance by an authorised contractor is also possible, ensuring optimum operation. Viessmann ventilation units can also be controlled with the Vitotronic control unit. You can find detailed information about this subject in the section on  mechanical ventilation.

  • Maximum flow temperature up to 60  °C
  • Monobloc indoor unit with high efficiency circulation pump, 3-way diverter valve and control unit
  • Control of Viessmann ventilation units possible
  • No refrigerant leak test due to hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit
  • No minimum clearances required between indoor and outdoor units
  • Energy efficiency class* A++ / A++ | type 201.A04: A++ / A+

    *Energy efficiency class in accordance with Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No  811/2013 for heating, average climatic conditions – low (35  °C) / medium (55  °C) temperature applications


Vitotronic  200 with WiFi option

The heat pumps can be controlled from anywhere with the Vitotronic  200 control unit via the Vitoconnect internet interface (accessory) and the free ViCare app. In addition, they can be combined with Vitovent central mechanical ventilation units.

Vitotronic 200

Product details

Rated heating output (kW), operating point A7/W35 (to EN 14511)

Type AWO-M-E-AC 201.A04: 4.0  kW | type AWO-M-E-AC 201.A06: 4.8  kW | type AWO-M-E-AC 201.A08: 5.6  kW | type AWO-M-E-AC 201.A10: 7.0  kW | type AWO-E-AC 201.A10: 7.6  kW | type AWO-E-AC 201.A13: 8.9  kW | type AWO-E-AC 201.A16: 10.1  kW

Coefficient of performance ε (COP) A7/W35

Type AWO-M-E-AC 201.A04: 4.6 | type AWO-M-E-AC 201.A06: 4.7 | type AWO-M-E-AC 201.A08: 4.7 | type AWO-M-E-AC 201.A10: 4.7 | type AWO-E-AC 201.A10: 5.0 | type AWO-E-AC 201.A13: 5.0 | type AWO-E-AC 201.A16: 5.0

Energy efficiency class

A+++ / A++ |  In accordance with Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No  811/2013 for heating, average climatic conditions – low temperature application (35  °C) / medium temperature application (55  °C)

Energy efficiency class, DHW heating


Application area

Detached houses, new build and modernisation projects


Vitotronic 200 control unit with plain text and graphic display; can be operated via the ViCare app.

DHW heating

Additional DHW cylinder required, resulting in a high level of DHW convenience.

Additional features

Reversible air source heat pump for heating and cooling.

Product cross-section, indoor unit
Product cross-section, outdoor unit
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