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Vitocell 300-V

DHW cylinder

The DHW cylinder Vitocell 300-V meets the highest demands in terms of hygiene and convenience.

Cylinder capacity: 160 to 500 litres.
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel cylinder
Low heat losses
High DHW convenience
Corrosion-resistant cylinder

Long service life through high grade stainless steel

No additional running costs

As no protective anode for additional corrosion protection is required

Suitable for DHW heating

In conjunction with boilers and district heating systems

Easy handling

Through light weight and removable thermal insulation (500 litre capacity)

Electric heater as an accessory

Optionally with electric heater as an accessory

Hygienic and food safe

Through high surface quality

The entire water content is heated

Via indirect coil reaching down to the cylinder floor

High DHW convenience

Due to rapid, even heat-up via large indirect coils

Low heat losses

Highly effective all-round thermal insulation made from rigid polyurethane foam

Vitocell 300-V: stainless steel DHW cylinder

The Vitocell 300-V is a special type of DHW cylinder. Its cylinder is made of high grade stainless steel. The corrosion-resistant cylinder is characterised by its hygienic, food safe surface quality. A protective anode for additional corrosion protection measures is not needed. This avoids additional running costs from the outset.

Vitocell  300-V DHW cylinders made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel meet the highest requirements. Stainless steel is used in kitchens, laboratories, hospitals and the food processing industry for good reason, as it offers excellent hygienic properties. The homogeneous surface of stainless steel retains these characteristics even after many years of use.

Rapid, even heat-up via large indirect coils ensures a high level of DHW convenience at all times. Finally, water is optimally heated via indirect coil reaching down to the cylinder floor heats the entire water content. Vacuum-insulated panel (up to 300  litres) ensures low heat losses.

Product details

Cylinder capacity
  • Type EVIB-A+: 160 and 200  litres
  • Type EVIB-A: 160, 200 and 300  litres
  • Type EVIA-A: 500  litres
Energy efficiency class
  • Type EVIB-A+: A+
  • Type EVIB-A: A
  • Type EVIA-A: A
Product cross-section Vitocell 300-V/300-W type EVIB-A (160 litres)
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