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Vitobloc 200

Type EM-50/81

CHP unit for operation with natural gas

Electrical output: 50 kW
Thermal output: 83 kW
Smooth running 4-cylinder 4-stroke gas engine
Economical power and heat generation
Electrical output

50 kW

Thermal output

83 kW

Smooth running 4-cylinder 4-stroke gas engine

Operation with bio natural gas possible

Economical generation of power and heat

For self-consumption

Completely ready-to-connect

Plug and play design

Proven remote monitoring systems

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Vitobloc 200 type EM-50/81

Established technology

Vitobloc 200 combined heat and power units (CHP) from Viessmann are ready to use systems. One standard frame holds the engine, generator, sound insulated casing and control unit.

CHP units are ideal when heat is needed continuously and power generation can run for as long as possible. These conditions apply, for example, in hotels, residential developments of 30 to 50 units, holiday complexes, swimming pools and shopping centres as well as in industrial, trade and commercial premises.

The Vitobloc  200  EM-50/81 CHP units have outputs of 50  kWel and 83  kWth. With a downstream condensing heat exchanger, up to 16  kWth of additional heat can be fed into the heating system.

Highly economical through long maintenance intervals

Longer maintenance intervals, thanks to the integral lubricating oil supply, reduce running costs and downtimes. Completely ready-to-connect, factory-tested units for minimum installation effort and verified output values.

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Electrical output

50  kW

Thermal output

83  kW

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