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Utilise heat from the ground and air

Our advanced heat pump technology utilises the latent heat in outdoor air and the ground to provide cost effective and environmentally responsible heating. These pumps can be used as standalone units or they can be incorporated into your existing heating system as an additional source of heat.

Operating a heat pump saves valuable resources

In contrast to traditional heating appliances, heat pump systems harness renewable energy from the ground, sun, groundwater or air. They therefore reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, conserving valuable resources in the process. They also lower CO2 emissions that harm the environment.

Viessmann heat pumps hold a further advantage. Many of our solutions feature active and natural cooling functions. This means that as well as generating heat on cold days, they can bring refreshing cool air into your home during the summer.

All of our heat pump heating and cooling solutions are designed and made to the highest standards, offering impressive efficiency and longevity.

Heat Pump Case Studies

Case Study in Shrewsbury for Air Source Heat Pump

Bringing a dream home to life, heated sustainably by an air source heat pump

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Ground Source Heat Pump - National Award Winner with Passivehaus

Matrix Energy win National Award for Ground Source Heat Pumps with Viessmann technology

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Air and geothermal

2020 National Heat Pump Awards

Domestic Air Source Heat Pump Project of the year 2020, Sheffield Passivehaus

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