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The Viessmann Vitodens gas condensing boilers

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Cosy up and save energy with Vitodens -   Economical, efficient and compact

The Vitodens family is our best selling range of gas condensing boilers. Compact, energy efficient and  economical  with a reputation for exceptional quality and reliability, they are suitable to meet the requirements and demands of every home, no matter how large or small.

Gas condensing boilers are the most popular choice for heating and hot water in UK homes, producing heating and hot water cleanly and efficiently using energy from natural gas. The Vitodens family combines the benefits of gas with the latest in innovative technology to bring you a range of boilers that promise to deliver comfort and convenience today, tomorrow and beyond.

As well as superior performance and reliability, Vitodens gas boilers stand out for their user friendly design and ease of use. All of our boilers have been designed with smart technology in mind, helping you save money and control your comfort from wherever you happen to be.

The Vitodens product line-up

Vitodens gas condensing boilers to suit any household

The Viessmann Vitodens product series combines the benefits of proven gas heating with the latest condensing technology. It is also highly energy efficient. In the long term, this not only reduces energy costs, but is also environmentally beneficial. The Vitodens gas heating system is also noted for its user friendly design and easy handling. As a result, the models offer exceptional convenience for room heating and DHW heating – and not just for the present day. A Vitodens heating system from Viessmann will also ensure you are well prepared for future demands.


Common features within the Vitodens product range

The gas condensing boilers offer an attractive solution on account of their good price/performance ratio and their compact design. By using the latest heating technology, they achieve a standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN] of up to 98  percent. Among other things, this is made possible by the Inox-Radial heat exchanger made from stainless steel. It is noted for its durability and high efficiency. We at Viessmann can vouch for it. Which is why all stainless steel heat exchangers come with a 10  year guarantee against leakage caused by corrosion. In order to benefit from this, all boilers purchased since 01/04/2018 should be registered within the first six months following commissioning. The guarantee likewise requires that a maintenance contract is in place, that maintenance work is carried out on a regular basis and that this work is documented in full.

Another common feature of Vitodens products is that they all operate at a low fan speed. This ensures very quiet operation and means that the Vitodens 200-W wall mounted boilers no longer have to be banished to the basement, but rather can also be installed in the bathroom, utility room or even in the kitchen cupboard as required.

Operating Vitodens products with different gas types – Lambda Pro Control Plus

Common to all Viessmann Vitodens heating systems is the combustion controller for all gas types – the Lambda Pro Control or the enhanced version, Lambda Pro Control Plus. This ensures consistently high efficiency even if gas quality fluctuates or there's a switch to a different gas type or a change in operating conditions. The Viessmann Vitodens condensing boiler continues to make maximum use of the energy available.

The air ratio (lambda) – namely the ratio of gas and air – is measured using an ionisation electrode. Depending on the results of the measurement, the automatic control then adjusts the air supply so that there is an ideal gas/air mixture at all times. This eliminates the need for adjustment or readjustment work during installation. This method of operation not only makes the Vitodens products very efficient, but the Lambda Pro Control Plus also ensures a high level of operational reliability. In addition, the flue gas inspection intervals are extended from two to three years.

The Vitodens 200

ProductHeatingIntegral DHW cylinder7" colour touchscreen
Vitodens 050-W
Wall mounted gas condensing boiler
3.2 to 25  kW
Combi boiler
Vitodens 100-W/111-W
Wall mounted gas condensing boiler
3.2 to 25  kW
Stainless steel (Vitodens 111-W)
Vitodens 200-W
Wall mounted gas condensing boiler
System boiler: 2.5 to 150  kW
Combi boiler: 2.5 to 32  kW
 ● ●
Combi boiler
Vitodens 222-F
Gas condensing storage combi boiler
2.5 to 32  kW
 ● ●
Enamel coating
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