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Vitovolt 300

Photovoltaic packages

In order for a photovoltaic system to run efficiently, it must be correctly sized. Viessmann offers photovoltaic systems in various packages to suit all requirements. You can find out which one is right for you here.

Simple system design
Everything from a single source
Quick installation
System guarantee from Viessmann
Simple system design

According to energy consumption, taking the number of people in the household into account

Area matrix

To check the required roof area

Everything from a single source

Matching system components for straightforward installation and commissioning

Quick installation

Through fully wired components

Flexible application

Standard delivery for all module arrangements enables flexible application

Increase self-sufficiency

With power storage units matched to the system

System guarantee from Viessmann

For the photovoltaic modules, installation system and inverter

House with a Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic package with 10 modules on the roof

Viessmann photovoltaic packages – Find the right system

A Viessmann photovoltaic system not only includes the photovoltaic modules (or PV modules for short), but also an inverter that converts the generated direct current into alternating current, and the installation system. The components are perfectly matched. For additional efficiency, you can expand the system to incorporate power storage systems or a Viessmann heat pump. This also enables a higher level of self-consumption. The decision to install a power storage unit and/or a heat pump has a significant influence on the size of the system. These factors must be taken into account in advance in order to find the right Viessmann photovoltaic package to suit you and your individual requirements. You will find support with this from our Viessmann trade partners. They offer comprehensive services from planning and design to delivery and service.

Viessmann's integrated range of solutions for Vitovolt 300

Value added services, digital services, connectivity & platforms

ViGuide app

ViGuide is an app for trade partners. It has numerous functions for monitoring and controlling systems in both detached houses and apartment buildings and provides rapid access to Technical Service.

More about the ViGuide app

ViCare app

The ViCare app provides intuitive heating control. Green for go – the user can see at a glance in the app whether their heating system is working as it should.

More about the ViCare app

Which Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic packages are available?

The Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic packages are based on size, output and number of modules. You can find out which package is suitable for you by answering the following questions.

Important – the standard delivery of the listed PV packages includes the following:

  • Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic modules (allblack, 400 Wp), Mono Standard and blackframe variants on request
  • Above roof installation system for pitched roofs
  • SMA inverter
  • PV connecting cables (pre-assembled MC4)
Modules4 panels6 panels  portrait6 panels landscape8 panels9 panel10 panels
PV output kWp1.
PV generation kWh p.a. (Telford-UK)148823222322297633483720
Field format on roof1 row x 4 modules1 row x 6 modules2 rows x 3 modules  2 rows x 4 modules3 rows x 3 modules2 x 5 modules
PV module orientation  PortraitPortraitLandscapePortraitLandscapePortrait
Roof space required mm wide x high4526 x 19696766 x 19695815 x 22864526 x 38925815 x 34065646 x 3892

Included in the delivery

  • Vitovolt 300  photovoltaic modules (allblack mono, 400 Wp), Mono Standard and blackframe variants on request
  • Above roof installation system for pitched roofs
  • SMA inverter
  • PV connecting cables (pre-assembled MC4)

What factors determine the size of the photovoltaic system?

The size of a photovoltaic system is primarily based on the electricity demand of a house. If the electricity demand and the size of the system are matched, an optimum supply of self-generated power from the photovoltaic system is possible. Independence from rising electricity costs and self-sufficiency from central energy production are the result.

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