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Vitomax –– energy efficient and reliable energy supply by means of steam and hot water boilers

Viessmann offers ideal complete solutions with its Vitomax industrial boilers for the generation of process steam and process heat in industrial, commercial and municipal applications. The energy saving and at the same time clean provision of energy, as well as a high level of operational reliability and security of supply, form the fundamental pillars of Vitomax steam and hot water boilers.

What are the distinguishing features of Vitomax industrial/commercial boilers?

All components of the industrial/commercial boilers are optimally matched. The individual system components come from a single source and can be adapted to individual customer requirements. In addition, Vitomax products always come with a comprehensive range of services. From the start to the completion of their system, all customers are supported and advised by our experts in industrial/commercial boiler technology and our local partners, from the initial consultation, project implementation and commissioning through to maintenance service during operation. Together with these experts, you develop economical, futureproof solutions for your company, taking into account all requirements as well as safety regulations for all equipment components. Vitomax products are designed in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive and country-specific regulations.

H2 ready 100  % plus significant reduction of CO2 emissions

The industrial/commercial boilers in the Vitomax product range can be equipped with appropriate burners and then operated with up to 100 percent hydrogen. This not only makes the technology futureproof, but also significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Normally, NOx emissions are increased when hydrogen is used. Thanks to the special equipment of the Vitomax boilers, however, this can be significantly reduced. The values even remain below the statutory requirements. This means you can plan for the long term. Even if statutory requirements are tightened, your new Vitomax boiler is appropriately equipped.  

Vitomax application areas

The application areas for Vitomax steam boilers and hot water boilers are very diverse. The Vitomax show their strengths in use wherever process energy in the form of steam and hot water is required in addition to the traditional media of electricity, heating and cooling.

Benefits of the Vitomax product range at a glance

  • Energy saving, clean energy supply  
  • Optimally matched components
  • System technology from a single source
  • Individually adaptable to customer requirements
  • Comprehensive range of services
  • Flexible use
  • Many years of experience in industrial/commercial boiler technology
  • High planning and calculation reliability
  • High quality of all components
  • Long service life
  • High operational reliability
  • H2 ready

Optimally coordinated system technology in line with customer requirements

The Vitomax  boilers come in a complete package. In addition to the various models, there is also the option of a project-specific boiler design. What they all have in common is the standard delivery. In addition to the combustion systems themselves, including the fuel supply, the complete package also comprises further components. The following extensions are available to our customers for every boiler:  

  • Automation and control technology
  • Instrumentation & control technology
  • Combustion systems with fuel supply
  • Water treatment systems and analysis
  • Feedwater tank and other thermal tanks
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Pipework and flue systems

Hot water and steam boilers – Which Vitomax models are available?

Basically, a distinction must be made between steam and hot water boilers of the Vitomax product range. These are available in low pressure or high pressure versions and in the form of waste heat boilers. The product portfolio also includes electric and hybrid boilers, which can also be used to generate steam or hot water. Additional differentiating features determine the product characteristics and assignments. The key features are pressure and temperature ranges as well as the type of energy supply.

Saturated steam / superheated steam

Energy supplySafety pressure (< 1.0  bar)Safety pressure (> 1.0  bar)CommentsH2 ready?
Fossil/biogenic fuels (liquid/gas)Vitoplex  LSVitomax  HSBoiler with combustion equipment100  %
Electricity  Vitomax  HS/EBoiler with electric heating elements  
Fossil/biogenic fuels (liquid/gas) + electricity  Vitomax  HS-EHBoiler with combustion equipment and 2 additional electric heating elements100  % for fired portion
Waste heat  Vitomax  RSBoiler with connections for waste heat source(s)  
Fossil/biogenic fuels + waste heat  Vitomax  RSBoiler with combustion equipment and additional connections for waste  heat source(s)100  % for fired portion

Hot water

Energy supplySafety temperature (< 110  °C)Safety temperature (> 110  °C)CommentsH2 ready?
Fossil/biogenic fuelsVitomax LWVitomax HWBoiler with combustion equipment100  %
ElectricityVitomax LWVitomax  HW-EBoiler with electric heating elements  
Fossil/biogenic fuels + electricityVitomax LWVitomax  HW-EHBoiler with combustion equipment and 2 additional electric heating elements100  % for fired portion
Waste heatVitomax  RWBoiler with connections for waste heat source(s)  
Fossil/biogenic fuels + waste heatVitomax  RWBoiler with combustion equipment and additional connections for waste  heat source(s)100  % for fired portion

Waste heat boilers Vitomax  RW and Vitomax  RS

Waste heat boilers utilise the heat from hot flue gases generated during combustion processes or hot exhaust air from industrial processes to generate saturated steam or hot water. Their use thus significantly reduces ongoing running costs, as less or no fossil fuels need to be used. Thanks to their individual design, waste heat boilers can be used flexibly, whether in industrial, commercial or municipal applications. Thanks to their individual design, Vitomax waste heat boilers guarantee environmentally friendly generation of heat and steam, while at the same time being highly economical and offering high security of supply.  

You can choose between boilers with or without auxiliary combustion. Vitomax boilers with auxiliary combustion are our conventional boilers with burner and waste heat utilisation. Whether steam or hot water version, they are suitable for burning 100 percent hydrogen under the appropriate conditions for their use. Boilers without auxiliary combustion use only flue gases or exhaust air flows to produce hot water or saturated steam. These Vitomax boilers are only available in project-specific designs. Vitomax waste heat boilers also often work in combination with gas turbines or CHP units and are therefore ideal for more complex energy concepts.

Vitomax LW low pressure hot water boilers

Fired Vitomax boilers are traditional shell boilers for generating domestic hot water (safety temperature TS <110  °C), hot water (safety temperature >110  °C) or saturated superheated steam. Due to their design, these products, which have been tried and tested thousands of times, offer ideal conditions for clean combustion of fossil or biogenic fuels.   The low NOx versions already undercut the requirements of the BImschV significantly in normal operation.    

  • Gas operation below 70  mg/Nm³
  • Oil operation below 150  mg/Nm³
  • Gas operation below 30  mg/Nm³ with external flue gas recirculation

In addition, Vitomax low pressure hot water boilers are equipped with a flue gas/water heat exchanger (as an accessory). This improves the efficiency of the boilers to over 95.5  percent.  

In principle, Vitomax  LW boilers can be operated with natural gas or with light or heavy fuel oil. Whether in modernisation projects or new build projects, the Vitomax is characterised by its flexible application options in industry, in the manufacturing sector and in municipal local and district heating supply. This proven, reliable technology is not only suitable for modernisation projects with timely heat supply, but also for new build projects in the commercial, industrial and municipal sectors. In every situation, Viessmann Vitomax industrial/commercial boilers offer a high level of engineering and calculation assurance.

These low pressure steam boilers belong to the Vitoplex  product range. You will find the corresponding model under Vitoplex LS.

High pressure hot water and high pressure steam boilers – Vitomax  HW and Vitomax  HS

The Vitomax product range also includes high pressure hot water boilers and steam boilers. When used with a heat exchanger, they achieve an efficiency of over 95.5 percent. These hot water boilers generate an output of up to 20 megawatts, in pressure stages from 6 to 20  bar and at flow temperatures of over 110  degrees  Celsius. These steam boilers exhibit an impressive performance with saturated steam from 0.5 to 31.5  t/h and pressure stages from 0.5 to 30  bar. Both versions are suitable for use with light and heavy fuel oil, bio-oil, natural gas and biogas. The flexible application options also apply to both. Vitomax high pressure hot water boilers are used primarily in the manufacturing industry and in local and district heating networks. These steam boiler's performance has also proved itself in manufacturing industries as well as in hospitals and refineries.

Hybrid and electric boilers – Vitomax HS-E, Vitomax HW-E/LW-E and Vitomax HS-EH, Vitomax HW-EH/LW-EH

Electric boilers can be used either for all-electric operation or as a hybrid version combining pressure-jet burners and electric heating cartridges. Both versions use surplus electricity or renewables. In this way, production peaks in electricity generation, such as when there are low tariffs on the electricity market, can be used ecologically and economically. Likewise, companies have the opportunity to use self-generated power economically with these boilers. In all cases, CO2 emissions can be reduced significantly. With the purely electrically operated boilers – Vitomax HS-E and Vitomax HW-E/LW-E – emissions are even non-existent. They feature an output of 0.5 to 5.0 t/h and 0.45 to 4.5 MW. Electric steam and heat generation via a hybrid boiler combining Vitomax HS-EH and Vitomax HW-EH/LW-EH provides not only clean and energy saving power, but also an additional, high level of both operational reliability and availability of steam and hot water. These hybrid boilers provide an output of: 1.2 to 8.4 t/h and around 0.8 to 5.6 MW.

Early consultation and reliable service for Vitomax products

Vitomax system technology – everything from a single source, in close cooperation with the local specialist trade and large scale technology experts. This is not only reflected in the products themselves, but also in the service package. Viessmann's experts provide the necessary support needed for design and scheduling at an early stage. It all begins with comprehensive and professional consultation. This is because finding suitable solutions together with you is important to us. 

The vast experience of our engineering and sales teams is key to identifying necessary measures and designing a system that is right for the customer. Professional support at every stage of the project is a given. This results in tailor-made solutions achieved using modular products and the right selection of suitable additional functions and equipment. However, our service does not end after the equipment has been installed. Then, there is expert support from qualified technical personnel to answer any questions about maintenance, repairs and other concerns. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

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