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Vitocrossal 200 (type CI3)

Vitocrossal 200 (type CI3)

Gas condensing boiler

Highly efficient condensing boiler for apartment buildings, commercial enterprises and local authorities.

Rated heating output: 80 to 640 kW
Cascadable up to 5120 kW
Modest space requirement
Gas condensing boiler

80 to 640 kW


Cascade operation up to 5120 kW (8 appliances)

Standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN]

Up to 97.7 % (Hs) [gross cv]

Modest space requirement

0.75 to 1.07 m² (80 to 640 kW)

Long service life

Due to modulating MatriX cylinder burner

High operational reliability

Thanks to Inox-Crossal stainless steel heat exchanger

Efficient combustion control

Thanks to self-calibrating O₂ sensor

Quick installation

Due to integrated castors and transport pallet

Vitocrossal 200 (type CI3) – particularly compact with high efficiency 

The new Vitocrossal 200 (type CI3) gas condensing boiler is a highly efficient solution for apartment buildings, commercial enterprises and local authorities. Eight output sizes from 80 to 640 kW and cascade operation with integral control unit for up to 5120 kW in output make the Vitocrossal 200 (type CI3) particularly flexible. With its handling width of 75 cm, the boiler is also recommended for modernisation projects in buildings where space is limited. In addition, it has a modest footprint of just 0.75 to 1.07 m² (80 to 640 kW). 

Quick installation and straightforward commissioning

The Vitocrossal 200 (type CI3) is supplied as a factory-tested unit. It can be quickly manoeuvred thanks to the integrated castors and practical transport pallet. The innovative Inox-Crossal heat exchanger made of high grade stainless steel enables a high power density on a very small footprint as well as both maximum output and reliability. 

Highly efficient, clean burning and futureproof

The MatriX cylinder burner offers clean combustion with a modulation range of 1:10. The self-calibrating O₂ sensor, which automatically adjusts the MatriX burner to different gas types, ensures consistently high and efficient combustion quality. To potentially reduce CO₂ emissions. 

Viessmann One Base with web monitoring

The Vitocrossal 200 (type CI3) is integrated into the Viessmann One Base platform. It can be commissioned easily and intuitively using ViGuide mobile. The assistant function displays all functions in plain text. This also enables monitoring with ViGuide, giving contractors direct access to heating systems using a smartphone or tablet. Parameters can be easily optimised in this way and upcoming maintenance flagged in good time. 

Product details

Output in kW (modulating)

80 to 640 kW, as type 200 type CI3 output levels: 80; 115; 160; 240; 320; 480; 560; 640, cascade operation up to 5120 kW 

Standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN]

up to 97.7 % (Hs) [gross cv]

Energy efficiency class



Natural gas E, L and LL, natural gas/LPG

Application area

Gas heating in apartment buildings, large residential buildings as well as in public and commercial premises, new build and modernisation projects

Additional features

Efficient combustion control with self-calibrating O2 sensor | Inox-Crossal stainless steel heat exchanger for high operational reliability and a long service life | Continuous operation with MatriX cylinder burner with a modulation range of 1:10  

Product cross-section (160 kW)
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