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VPlus Installer Loyalty Programme


What is VPlus?

The Viessmann VPlus Installer Loyalty Programme rewards you with points every time you register selected Viessmann products.

You can spend your points on a wide range of items that we have put together exclusively for you and we're constantly expanding the rewards available - it's our way of saying thank you.

What do I need to start building points?

To access our VPlus programme, there are a few things you'll need.

First, you need a Viessmann Account. This will give you access to the world of Viessmann digital services. Click below to get started:

Once you've signed up, or if you already have an account, head over to our Partner Portal and log in. On the Start page at the top of your screen, you'll find a menu. Click on Product Registrations, scroll down to the product you'd like to register, and click the Register button. This will take you to our Installer Portal where you can register the Viessmann product you have installed. Once registered, your points will automatically be added to your account.

How do I spend my VPlus points?

To spend your VPlus points, you need to:

1. Log in to the Partner Portal using your Viessmann Account.

2. See how many points you have to spend. This can be found on the Start page.

3. In the menu, click on VPlus Installer Promotion.

4. Scroll down to the VPlus Shop and click on 'Find out more'.

5. Choose which product you'd like to spend your points on.

6. Fill out the claim form below.

7. Enjoy your reward, you've earned it!

What can I spend my points on?

You have a variety of valuable rewards to choose from, including tools, office equipment, and branded merchandise, with more items always being added.

Whether you're into the latest tech from iPads, TV's, and games consoles, some stylish workwear to help you stand out from the crowd, or even helpful office equipment to help your business.

Just go to our VPlus Shop to take a look at all of the rewards available and grab yourself a goodie on us!

Which products do I earn points with?

Receive points when registering any one of these products:

Vitodens boilers: 050-W, 100-W, 111-W, 222-F, 200-W (11-32kW), 200-W (49-150kW).

Vitocal heat pumps: 150-A, 151-A, 200-A, 222-A, 200-G, 222-G, 300-G.

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