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Vitodens 200-W

A premium gas condensing boiler for larger homes

A state of the art heating system and our most efficient boiler, lower emissions, simple operation. Future-proof, durable and digital. Vitodens 200-W sets the standard for the future. Easy to install, operate and maintain.

Rated heating output: 2.5 to 32 kW
Lambda Pro Plus combustion controller
large display colour touchscreen
7 years standard warranty

Up to 12 years extended warranty available

Energy efficiency class: A

Energy efficiency class: A

Exemplary price

With reliable Viessmann product quality

Durable and efficient

Thanks to Inox-Radial heat exchanger

MatriX-Plus burner

With Lambda Pro Plus combustion controller for consistently high efficiency and clean combustion

Innovative operating concept

With 7 inch colour touchscreen

Web-enabled via integral WiFi interface

For operation and service via Viessmann apps


Up to 98% ERP efficiency

Modulation range 1:17


Compact dimensions

Only 450 mm wide

Vitodens 200-W wall mounted gas condensing boiler

Vitodens 200-W ideal for detached houses and larger homes

Compact and efficient wall mounted gas condensing boilers with exemplary price/performance ratio and high heating and DHW convenience

The Vitodens 200-W is the ideal wall mounted gas condensing boiler detached houses and and properties with 4+ bedrooms. It can be easily installed in a recess in the bathroom or in a kitchen cabinet. The Vitodens 200-W is equipped with an Inox-Radial heat exchanger made of high grade stainless steel. It guarantees reliability and permanently high condensing efficiency. This also applies to the MatriX-Plus burner.

The wall mounted gas condensing boilers consume less energy because they additionally utilise the heat in the flue gas. The result: a high rate of conversion of spent energy to heat of up to 94 percent and energy efficiency class A. This reduces heating costs and protects the environment.

Seamless integration with other heating systems

The next higher class of A+ is achieved if the boiler is combined with solar thermal collectors.  

Vitodens 200-W available as a system boiler and combi boiler

The Vitodens  200-W is optionally available as a system boiler with separate DHW supply or as a combi boiler with an integral instantaneous water heater.

Special features of the Vitodens  200-W

Movable display for convenient eye level operation

The Vitodens  200-W can be conveniently operated at eye level thanks to the repositionable 7 inch LED colour touchscreen display .

Moveable screen of the Vitodens 200-W

Save & Smooth high level of efficiency with any gas blend

Viessmann's modern gas condensing boilers are equipped with the patented Lambda Pro Plus® combustion control system. It adapts your appliance to changing operating conditions such as fluctuating gas qualities or different gas types. The automatic control ensures a consistently high level of efficiency for your system. Your contractor does not have to readjust these boilers, and flue gas inspection intervals are extended to three years. This saves time and money.

Vitodens 200-W – redefined together

Vitodens 200-W Video

The integrated range of solutions for the Vitodens 200-W

Value added services, digital services, connectivity & platforms

ViCare app

The ViCare app provides intuitive heating control. Green for go – the user can see at a glance in the app whether their heating system is working as it should.

More about the ViCare app

ViGuide app

ViGuide is an app for trade partners. It has numerous functions for monitoring and controlling systems in both detached houses and apartment buildings and provides rapid access to Technical Service.

More about the ViGuide app

Connectivity Inside

Connectivity Inside is the integrated WiFi interface for operating and servicing systems using Viessmann apps.

More about Connectivity Inside

The MatriX-Plus burner:  the heart of your heating system

Among the outstanding benefits of the new MatriX-Plus burner are its efficient operation, quiet running and low emissions. The special stainless steel MatriX surface is resistant to high temperatures, which ensures reliable performance and a long service life.

MatriX-Plus burner

Lambda Pro Plus: automatic combustion control cuts costs

Automatic monitoring of combustion quality compensates for fluctuating gas qualities and extends the flue gas inspection intervals to three years. This ensures consistently high efficiency and saves on maintenance costs.

  • Matching to gas quality
  • Consistently high energy efficiency
  • Futureproof
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Three year inspection intervals

Stainless steel Inox-Radial:  efficient and durable

Stainless steel makes all the difference. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger is at the heart of the Vitodens  200-W. It converts the consumed energy into heat very efficiently. Almost no losses, with practically unbeatable efficiency of 98  percent. In addition, the particularly durable, high grade stainless steel ensures reliability.

Inox-Radial heat exchanger made from stainless steel

Clear and intuitive controls

Simple operation with 7-segment display

The LED screen with 7-segment display of the new Viessmann One Base platform features a discreet "black panel" visual design and is noted for its simple, easy to understand operation. It can be used for convenient control of heating systems with a direct heating circuit and/or a heating circuit with mixer.

LED screen with 7-segment display

Integral WiFi interface: heating convenience goes digital

The Vitodens  200-W can be operated easily and intuitively from a smartphone and tablet via the integral WiFi interface, or directly from the 7  inch colour touchscreen.

Product details

Output in kW

2.5 to 32  kW

ERP Efficiency

94% (Class A)


Natural gas and LPG.

Application area

Gas heating in detached houses, 4+ bedroom homes | New build and modernisation projects


Excellent ease of use with the 7 inch display, Vitotrol remote control units or via the ViCare app; integral WiFi interface for internet connection.

DHW heating

An additional DHW cylinder is required for the gas condensing system boiler. The combi boiler has an integral instantaneous water heater.

Additional features

MatriX-Plus burner, Lambda Pro Plus automatic combustion controller

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