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Warranty and product registration

Frequently asked questions about warranties and the registration of Viessmann products

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register my boiler for warranty?

Please ask your installer to register the boiler on your behalf.  If your installer is a Viessmann trained installer, please discuss directly with your installer to ensure your product is registered correctly via their Installer Portal.

If you would like to register the boiler yourself with the standard manufacturer warranty, please use the homeowner link.


Can I get a copy of my warranty Certificate?

Can be checked via our registration/information online checker.(Insert URL to Check warranty)

You will need your postcode and boiler serial number to check. (Your serial number is the 16 digit number for example our Vitodens range can be found on top of the boiler on the boiler data label. (Link to photo example)  

If your warranty does not show this will indicate your boiler has not been registered on installation and will fall under standard 2 year warranty.


I have not received my Gas Safety Certificate or warranty document

Please use this link to search for registered boilers:  https://extendedwarranty.online/GSW  If your boiler is not showing, please contact your installer to correctly register the boiler on your behalf.  


My warranty documents are showing incorrect details (Address, name, warranty length)

We will need to cancel your registration and the installer must re-submit with the correct details. Please email registrations-uk@viessmann.com and we will cancel your registration.


What happens if my boiler was not registered for warranty?

If your boiler was not registered as per the terms and conditions of sale your warranty falls into a standard 2 year warranty.  

Viessmann offers out of waranty repairs on our boilers. Please contact our customer care team to discuss further on 01952 675000.

How do I find out how old my boiler is?

Please use this link to search for registered boilers:  https://extendedwarranty.online/GSW.


Can I extend my manufacturer's warranty?

It is possible for you to extend the length of your warranty, either: if your installer registers the installation with us within 30 days using the installer registration process and extends it at the time of registration, or, for residential boilers only at this time, if you register your appliance with us within 30 days using our homeowner registration system and purchase an extended warranty period.


What is covered under my manufacturer's warranty?

Here are our current Terms and Conditions documents by product category:

Vitodens Terms & Conditions  - gas condensing residential boilers

Vitocal Terms & Conditions - air and ground source residential heat pumps

Vitocrossal Terms & Conditions - commercial gas boilers

Vitosol Terms & Conditions - solar thermal flat plate and tube collectors

Vitovolt Terms & Conditions - solar photovoltaic panels and system

Vitodens heat exchanger Terms & Conditions

All of our homeowner warranty information can be found here.


What happens if I fail to register my boiler for warranty on time?

If the boiler is not registered within 30 days of the installation date, then a standard 2 year manufacturer warranty will apply.


What options are available to me if my boiler is out of warranty?

If your boiler is out of warranty and requires a service or repair, please contact our Customer Service Department on 01952 675060 or email aftersales-uk@viessmann.com.


Key warranty facts

We use our best endeavours to ensure that our products are manufactured without any manufacturing or material defects. Our standard terms and conditions guarantee that we will fix or replace any manufacturing or material defects free of charge within a period of 2 years from the date of delivery.

When you purchase a boiler from Viessmann, you can be assured that you are buying a quality appliance backed up by years of engineering expertise. Each of the boiler models within our comprehensive range is equipped with cutting-edge technology and sets new benchmarks. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your Vitodens boiler during the course of its service life, we offer a range of warranty options which will provide you with peace of mind.

Many of our boilers come with a comprehensive 7 year parts and labour warranty, as standard (subject to the boiler being registered within 30 days). You have the option to extend this further which is chargeable, your installer will be able to provide further details. Full details of the warranty information for boilers can be found below.


Please note that:

  • Viessmann product owners must ensure that the appropriate warranty registration is completed and their product is  serviced annually  to qualify for the 2nd (or 3rd, 4th etc) year of warranty, where required.
  • The product must be serviced either by a competent installer or servicing company (i.e. Gas Safe registered) within one year (and each following year) of the installation date and the details recorded in the ‘Benchmark’ or Viessmann service logbook (this should have been completed by your installer when your product was installed), where required.
  • The cost of the annual service is not included in the warranty.
  • To qualify for your warranty your installer may be able to register your product warranty on our website, www.viessmann.co.uk or Viessmann Installer Portal www.viessmanninstallerportal.co.uk, alternatively if you would like to register the boiler yourself with the standard manufacturer warranty, please  use the homeowner link.
  • The warranty does not cover issues related to installation and it may be necessary to charge a call out fee for service visits booked directly as a result of incorrect installation.
  • Viessmann will not reimburse any unauthorised third party costs incurred for repairs carried out while the product is under warranty. If in doubt please contact Viessmann After Sales Service.
  • In the event of a warranty callout, it is the responsibility of the customer/installer to provide safe working access to the product (this includes ladders, scaffolding, harnesses, etc).

Should your product develop a fault during its warranty period please contact your original installer, or alternatively Viessmann After Sales Service on 01952 675060.

If you would like more information regarding product services, please browse our heating articles and use the search tool to narrow your results.

Local Authority registrations

Find all the details you need to get started on the link below.

Local Authority / Housing Association boiler registration

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