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Vitocal 300-G

Ground Source Heat Pump with inverter driven technology

Ground source heat pump with the option of water/water operation.

Rated heating output: 4.3 to 10 kW
Cooling function
Very low running costs
Barely audible
Rated heating output for brine/water operation

4.3 to 7.5 kW

Rated heating output for water/water operation

5.6 to 10.0 kW

Very low running costs

Thanks to refrigerant circuit with output-dependent control and innovative inverter technology

Barely audible even when installed near the living space

Thanks to new sound insulation concept

Cooling function

Heating and cooling in one

Compact dimensions

And small footprint for more space in the building

High level of operating convenience thanks to integral Vitotronic control unit

Heating, cooling, DHW and ventilation

Highest seasonal efficiency

SCOP to EN 14825: up to 5.6 for average climatic conditions and low temperature application (W35)

Increased photovoltaic self-consumption

Due to low output modulation of the heat pump

Web-enabled by Vitoconnect

For operation and service via free ViCare app (accessory)

Thanks to advanced inverter technology, the Vitocal 300-G brine/water heat pump is the most efficient solution for new build and the best choice for the replacement market.

High efficiency through advanced inverter technology: Vitocal  300-G

Thanks to advanced inverter technology in brine/water heat pumps, the new Vitocal  300-G is the most efficient solution for new build and the best choice for replacing older brine/water heat pumps. The refrigerant circuit, with output-dependent control, matches the heating output of the heat pump to the current heat demand of the building. This results in fewer start/stop cycles in the partial load range and higher annual efficiency.  The Vitocal  300-G is available in three output sizes with a modulation range of 1.7 to 8.6  kW, 2.4 to 11.4  kW or 3.8 to 15.9  kW, and therefore covers a wide range of applications for new and existing buildings.

Alongside output control, the RCD (refrigerant cycle diagnostic) system enables especially precise and fast control of the refrigerant circuit via an electronic expansion valve. Energy saving high efficiency pumps for the brine and heating circuits reduce energy consumption and costs.

The heat pump combined with a Vitovent ventilation unit offers a particularly high level of comfort and operating convenience. The integral heat pump control unit, or an optional remote control unit, can be used for convenient operation of both appliances. On hot summer days, the heat pump can also cool the rooms. The optional natural cooling box is required for this.

Vitocal cooling function

The small footprint of less than 0.5  square metres and front access to all components requiring servicing ensure space saving installation. With its very quiet operation of 41  dB(A) (sound power level to ErP at B0/W55), this heat pump can also be installed near the living space, such as in a utility room.

The Viessmann Vitocal  300-G is Heat Pump KEYMARK certified.

The integrated range of solutions for the Vitocal 300-G

Benefit from the value added services and digital services of Viessmann's integrated range of solutions.

ViGuide app

ViGuide is an app for trade partners. It has numerous functions for monitoring and controlling systems in both detached houses and apartment buildings and provides rapid access to Technical Service.

More about the ViGuide app

Connectivity Inside

Connectivity Inside is the integrated WiFi interface for operating and servicing systems using Viessmann apps.

More about Connectivity Inside


The Vitoconnect is the interface between boiler and app – the prerequisite for heating system operation via smartphone and tablet. It also provides remote system maintenance capability for contractors using the Vitoguide app.

More about the Vitoconnect

ViCare app

The ViCare app provides intuitive heating control. Green for go – the user can see at a glance in the app whether their heating system is working as it should.

More about the ViCare app

Online control via the ViCare app

Using the optional Vitoconnect internet interface, the heat pump can be controlled online from anywhere via the free ViCare app on any standard mobile device. The Vitotronic  200 control unit with plain text and graphic display offers intuitive, menu-guided operation on the appliance itself.

Vitotronic 200

Product details

Rated heating output (kW)*

Brine/water heat pump: 4.3 / 5.3 / 7.5  kW | *To EN  14511, B0/W35, spread 5  K

Coefficient of performance ε (COP)*

Brine/water: 4.7 / 4.8 / 5.0 *to EN  14511, B0/W35, spread 5  K

Energy efficiency class*

Brine/water: type BWC 301.C06: A+++/A++ | type BWC 301.C12: A+++/A+++ | type BWC 301.C16: A+++/A+++ | *In accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No  813/2013 for heating, average climatic conditions –– low temperature application (W35)/medium temperature application (W55)

Energy efficiency class, DHW heating


Application area

Detached houses, commercial enterprises, local authority premises, new build and modernisation projects


Vitotronic control unit with plain text and graphic display. Web-enabled through Vitoconnect (accessory) for operation and service via the free ViCare app.

DHW heating

Additional DHW cylinder required, resulting in a high level of DHW convenience.

Additional features

On hot summer days, the heat pump can also cool the rooms. The optional natural cooling box is required for this.

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