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Advice, sales, installation and customer service are provided exclusively by local installers who have attended training from Viessmann and are familiar with our products.

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Third Party Installer means “a person or business who can sell and who has shown that they are familiar with and able to install, Viessmann Products” Viessmann Product means “the items or goods manufactured and/or sold by Viessmann under the Viessmann brand.

Although Viessmann are happy to inform you of the identity of Third Party Installers who have familiarised themselves with the Viessmann Products and the installation of them, Viessmann can accept no liability in respect of any work carried out for you by the Third Party Installer or any payment arrangements made with them which are solely a matter of contract between you and the Third Party Installer. Viessmann’s entire liability is limited solely to any obligations it may have under any particular Viessmann Product Guarantee.


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