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Vitocal 300-G

Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground source heat pump with the option of water/water operation with intermediate brine circuit.

Rated heating output: 21.2 to 42.8 kW
High performance due to two-stage design
Up to 428 kW as a cascade
Master/slave operation possible
Rated heating output for brine/water operation

21.2 to 42.8 kW (single-stage) and 42.4 to 85.6 kW (two-stage)

Rated heating output for water/water operation

28.1 to 58.9 kW (single-stage) and 56.2 to 117.8 kW (two-stage)

High heating outputs

With two-stage version

Up to 428 kW possible

In a cascade circuit

Master/slave operation

Combination also possible with Vitocal 350-G

Low running costs thanks to high coefficients of performance

Coefficient of performance (COP) to EN 14511 of up to 4.8 (brine 0 °C/water 35 °C)

High flow temperatures

Up to 60 °C

Mono mode operation

Possible for heating and DHW

Maximum efficiency at every operating point

Through innovative refrigerant cycle diagnostic system with electronic expansion valve

Low noise and low vibrations

Due to sound-optimised appliance design

Easy to use Vitotronic control unit

With plain text and graphic display

Web-enabled by Vitoconnect

For operation and service via Viessmann apps (accessories)

Smart Grid capability

Ready for the future

Consume self-generated power

Thanks to preparation for optimised power consumption from photovoltaic systems

Easier handling

Through small and light modules

The Vitocal 300-G is ideal for large detached houses and apartment buildings.

The Vitocal  300-G heat pump (21.2 to 42.8 kW) uses renewable heat from the ground or groundwater

The Vitocal  300-G is ideal for large detached houses and apartment buildings. It utilises heat that's right on your doorstep, either with a single-stage brine/water heat pump from 21.2 to 42.8  kW, or with a water/water heat pump from 28.1 to 58.9  kW – each tailored to the specific heat demand.

For apartment buildings or applications that require very high outputs, the two-stage Vitocal  300-G, based on the master/slave principle, is the right choice. It can deliver a heating output from 42.4 to 85.6  kW (brine/water) or from 56.2 to 117.8  kW (water/water). You also have the choice between the groundwater or the ground as your preferred heat source.

If this output is not enough, up to five master/slave combinations can be interconnected via the cascade function integrated in the control unit, which can increase the output to as much as 589  kW (water/water).

At the heart of the Vitocal  300-G lies its powerful Compliant scroll compressor. This component stands out on account of its high degree of operational safety and reliability. In conjunction with the large heat exchangers and integral refrigerant manifold, the Vitocal  300-G achieves a high COP and flow temperatures of up to 60  °C.

The hermetically sealed casing and particularly clever appliance design enable a reduction in sound emissions in the Vitocal  300-G that far exceeds expectations in this output range.

RCD stands for refrigerant cycle diagnostic system. It provides constant monitoring of the refrigerant circuit in the Vitocal  300-G and, in conjunction with the electronic expansion valve, ensures the highest level of efficiency at every operating point.

Especially for a higher heat demand, the Vitocal  300-G is the first choice, because several heat pumps can be linked via the heating flow and return. This not only delivers the high heating output required, but also increases the operational reliability of the entire system. The modular design, with separate compressor circuits, also ensures particularly high levels of efficiency in partial load operation, and enables simultaneous DHW and central heating.

With three output sizes, as a master or master/slave version, the Vitocal 300-G offers various combinations, which can all be precisely matched to the required heat demand. For a higher heat demand, the Vitocal 300-G can be operated in master/slave mode with another heat pump of the same type or with a Vitocal 350-G. A combined master/slave system, for example consisting of a Vitocal 300-G for the required heat load and a Vitocal 350-G for high flow temperatures for DHW heating, allows the heat pumps to be optimally matched to the property right from the design stage.

The availability of different versions and the ability to size according to demand enables optimised runtimes and economical operation. The master module regulates the slave module. By combining different output sizes, system users have the option of matching the environmentally responsible heating system to their specific heat demand as efficiently as possible by utilising different modules.

The EHPA Quality Label serves as proof of the COP (coefficient of performance).  The German EHPA Quality Label Committee has confirmed that Viessmann's Vitocal  300-G heat pump meets EHPA Quality Label requirements.

Vitotronic 200 with energy statement facility

The Vitotronic 200 is straightforward and intuitive to operate, thanks to the plain text user prompts and graphic display.  

Vitotronic 200

Product details

Rated heating output (kW)*

Type BW/BWS 301.A21: 21.2  kW | type BW/BWS 301.A29: 28.8  kW | type BW/BWS 301.A45: 42.8  kW | *To EN  14511, B0/W35, spread 5  K

Coefficient of performance ε (COP)*

Type BW/BWS 301.A21: 4.7 | type BW/BWS 301.A29: 4.8 | type BW/BWS 301.A45: 4.6 | *B0/W35

Energy efficiency class*

A++ / A++ | *In accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No  813/2013 for heating, average climatic conditions –– low temperature application (W35)/medium temperature application (W55)

Energy efficiency class, DHW heating


Application area

Detached houses, two-family houses, apartment buildings, commercial enterprises, local authority premises, new build and modernisation projects


Vitotronic 200 control unit with plain text and graphic display; can be operated via the ViCare app

DHW heating

Additional DHW cylinder required, resulting in a high level of DHW convenience.

Additional features

Natural cooling and active cooling functions available

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