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Vitobloc 200

Type EM-530/660 version SCR

CHP unit for operation with natural gas

Electrical output: 505 kW
Thermal output: 321 + 40 kW
Low emissions due to SCR catalytic converter
Smooth running engines with oxidation catalytic converter
Electrical output

505 kW

Thermal output

321 + 40 kW

Low emissions due to SCR catalytic converter

Facilitates compliance with emission limits

Smooth running engines

With oxidation catalytic converter

Established technology

With more than 5000 Vitobloc 200 units in use

Completely ready-to-connect

Plug and play design

Quality assurance programme

Successful CHPQA certification grants eligibility to a range of benefits.

Proven remote monitoring systems

And systems for automation

Overall efficiency

65.7 %

Overall efficiency with optional exhaust gas heat exchanger

With a further 310 kW decoupled from the exhaust gas: 90.3 %

Vitobloc 200 type EM-530/660 version SCR

The Vitobloc 200 EM-530/660 version SCR CHP units have outputs of 505  kWel and 321 + 40  kWth. CHP units are ideal when heat is needed continuously and power generation can run for as long as possible. With their outputs, these Vitobloc 200 units are suitable for new build and modernisation projects in industrial and commercial enterprises and local authority premises.

Reliable and economical

Vitobloc 200 meets the stringent technical connection conditions (TAB) of network operators in Germany. The standard equipment includes starter batteries and a synchronous generator, which also allow the CHP unit to run in mains substitution mode.

Longer maintenance intervals, thanks to the integral lubricating oil supply, reduce running costs and downtimes. Completely ready-to-connect, factory-tested units for minimum installation effort and verified output values.

Exhaust gas cleaning system

An SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system reduces harmful emissions in the exhaust gas using AdBlue™ fluid. This enables the reduction of NOx. An oxidation catalytic converter reduces the CO and CnHm content.

To avoid premature ageing of the catalytic converter, its operating temperature should be kept below 530  °C.

The catalytic converter is installed downstream of the engine in the exhaust pipe where it is easy to service; the Lambda probe for Lambda control mode is fitted in the exhaust system of the CHP unit immediately downstream of the engine outlet.

Product details


EM-530/660 version SCR

Electrical output

530  kW

Thermal output

321 + 40  kW

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