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Vitotrol 100-E

Remote control

Remote control with integrated low-power radio transmitter for controlling boilers.

Battery powered smart room controller - no wiring needed
Meets Boiler Plus requirements - no outdoor sensor required
One Base integration - no additional receiver needed
Control matches boiler warranty - 7 years standard warranty
Boiler fault indication directly on the screen
Easy to programme via physical controls or Vicare app
Guided commissioning via ViGuide Mobile application


Radio remote control  Vitotrol 100-E

The Vitotrol 100-E is a battery-powered radio remote control with integrated room temperature sensor and illuminated display. It communicates wirelessly with boilers via low-power radio and can be installed in any living space.

  • Illuminated display for showing room temperature, time and operating states
  • For controlling one heating circuit and the hot water heating*
  • Presetting of up to 3 setpoints for the room temperature (Reduced, Normal, Comfort) as well as a setpoint for the hot water temperature*
  • Time programs for heating and hot water* (with daily and weekly program)
  • Encrypted 2.4 GHz low-power radio connection to the boiler
  • Possibility for automatic software updates
  • Very easy installation: no cables are needed
  • Modulated room temperature control (Meets ErP level 5)

*Subject to the design of the system

  • Vitotrol 100-E for connection with the boiler  
  • Wall mounting set (screws & dowels)
  • 2 x 1.5 V batteries (type AA)
  • Installation instruction
  • Activation card including activation code
  • Via 2.4 GHz low-power radio connection with the boiler
  • For operation of the Vitotrol 100-E, it is recommended to connect the heater to the internet so that software updates can be uploaded to the Vitotrol 100-E.
  • To increase the range of the radio signal, Viessmann Vicare repeater can be used.

*only 4 pipe system

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