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The UKs Greenest Citizens

See a breakdown of the greenest cities in the UK though a number of different focus points including commuting, eating out, local council initiatives, shopping and home renewables.

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Visualising a ‘net-zero’ Britain

Did you know that it is estimated that around 20 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse emissions come from domestic housing? This is an alarming statistic that has not gone unnoticed by individuals, governments and businesses alike of late.

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Eco Homes around the UK

Some of the most efficient eco homes that already exist in the UK and how architects, builders and energy companies could look to them for inspiration ahead of this exciting new chapter in the nation’s fight against climate change.

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The World's Digital Carbon Footprint

When we think of how technology is causing environmental damages, we often focus on physical things like using a computer or making a call, instead of its rather ‘invisible’ counterpart - the internet.

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5 Low Carbon Recipes

We recently created carbon labels for some of the nation’s favourite dishes to show you their respective carbon footprint.

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Carbon Labelling of Favourite Recipes

How environmentally friendly is Britain’s home cooking? Some food and drink manufacturers now provide carbon labels on their packaging that specify the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) of their products.

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Carbon Labelling Household Activities

Inspired by food and drinks brands such as Quorn and Oatly, which provide carbon labelling on their products, we have carbon labelled some of the routine activities the average family does around the house.

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UK Eco-Grants: A Quick Guide

From grants that provide free vouchers that can be used to make energy-saving improvements to your home to schemes that can bring significant reductions to the cost of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs), there are plenty of eco-grants available for UK homeowners, landlords and motorists.

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Living Spaces of 2050

Every aspect of our lives, especially our homes, are changing to address the rapid development of new technology and our ever-increasing awareness of sustainability.

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What will the family of the future look like in 2050?

Nationwide surveyed 2,000 UK families in 2017 to identify what a typical British family looks like today.

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Envisioning Christmas in 2050?

With technology continually advancing, various aspects of our lives are evolving all the time. We wondered how these technological advancements might change something as traditional as Christmas.

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Humans of the future

From mobile apps designed to track our carbon footprints to temperature-regulating fabrics that make it easier to keep our energy usage down.

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