We all know the popular adage, “Remember, remember, the fifth of November…” – and these words will ring especially true for Bonfire Night 2020, as it marks the first day of the second lockdown in England, with other nations also facing various levels of restrictions.

We understand that you might be feeling anxious about the latest government measures, and are here to help you get the best out of the extra time at home (while keeping it nice and toasty, of course!).

Here are seven fun ideas to help make Bonfire Night 2020 one to remember! From getting crafty to simple-to-make sweet treats, plus some specially made Viessmann templates you can download, these activities are something all ages can get involved in (we dare any teenager to resist a marshmallow rocket!).

1. Make your own Viessmann paper rocket

Make your home-based Bonfire Night celebrations fly high with our Viessmann paper rocket. Perfect for teaching the little ones about fireworks and rockets in a safe manner, these decorative delights will also add some fun colour to your home.

What you’ll need:

  • Our cut-out template
  • Scissors (ideally safety scissors)
  • Glue stick

Crayons, glitter and anything you wish to decorate your rocket with.

We’d love to see your Viessmann rockets, so please snap a quick photo and send them to us on social media!

2. Create a handprint bonfire

If your family loves getting “hands on” with its crafting activities, then this project will be right up your street! Use red, orange and yellow paint to create your very own handprint bonfire. The beauty of this idea is that you only need three things – paper, paint and yourself! And why not try different family members’ handprints to create different size ‘flames'?

These prints will make a lovely keepsake – capturing the uniqueness of Bonfire Night 2020 and also your children’s handprints during this historic period of time. The finished prints would also make a lovely gift – why not send one to a family member or friend who lives far away?

3. Remember, remember…the sweet treats!

Bonfire Night isn’t just about the fireworks and bonfire – it’s about the atmosphere of the evening, and the amazing food is a big part of that! And, while we can’t browse the various food stalls at our local firework display this year, we can make our own sweet treats. Here are three of our favourite ideas:

Marshmallow rockets – These tasty treats can be made in minutes. View the recipe here: https://masandpas.com/bonfire-night-activities-for-kids/

Chocolate sparklers – Make your celebration sizzle with this simple yet tasty idea: https://www.activityvillage.co.uk/chocolate-sparklers

Toffee apples – A Bonfire Night staple! We love this BBC Good Food recipe: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/homemade-toffee-apples 

4. Go apple-bobbling

If you’re not keen on toffee apples, how about trying your hand at apple-bobbing? This is perhaps an activity that’s best attempted outdoors – or using newspaper or towels to protect your floor from any splashes!

5. Colour in your own firework display

Colouring-in is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by all the family. At Viessmann, we’ve created a fun firework colouring-in template – all that’s needed is some colour! Arm your children with some crayons and glitter, and let their imagination run free!

6. Rock some firework face paint

Get creative with a face-painting kit, and create a colourful firework display across your face – the more glitter the better! This is a great activity for family members of all ages – even your teens will love to get involved (as long as they can take that all-important selfie afterwards!). And even Dad might be persuaded to style a fiery bonfire design!

7. Create a firework display in a jar

We love this idea from icanteachmychild.com, which blends fireworks and a fun child-friendly science experiment. All you need is a jar, oil, water and food colouring!

Making Bonfire Night more eco-friendly

As a family business, at Viessmann we place great value on responsible actions that take the long view into consideration – and sustainability is firmly anchored in our company principles.

That’s why we love these at-home ideas for celebrating 5th November. We love Bonfire Night, but unfortunately fireworks and other aspects of the traditional celebrations can have a negative effect on the environment.

We therefore welcome having a low-key event this year, as it might cause organisers to look at eco-friendly ways to run Bonfire Night celebrations – activities families and communities can enjoy that aren’t solely focused on fireworks.

Send us your Bonfire Night photos!

At Viessmann, family values have been central to our culture since our formation in 1917. During this unprecedented time, we want to bring our Viessmann community together and make our moments at home as fun as possible.

We hope the above activities have shown that while the skies won’t be ablaze with our local firework displays this year, there’s no reason why your celebrations should be left in the dark this Bonfire Night!

We’d love to see your Bonfire Night activities – please send photos of your Viessmann rockets, firework face-paint and homemade treats to us via social media using the buttons below.

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