With efficient heating systems, certification, prizes and awards for innovation, Viessmann has been a genuine leader in the heating sector for decades.

Certification to EN ISO 9001:2008

Viessmann was first certified to EN ISO 9001 in 1994 and our certification is monitored annually. In June/July 2013, Viessmann's quality management system was audited by the VDE Testing and Certification Institute.

The audit was passed successfully, with the VDE Testing and Certification Institute confirming that our quality management system complies with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008. The certificate, which is valid until 30/05/2018 to EN ISO 9001:2008, was reissued due to the scope of certification being extended.

The certification of our quality management system is a significant prerequisite for the delivery of top quality.

Certification to Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)

Thanks to its exemplary and innovative environmental management, Viessmann is recognised as an environmental pioneer. Not only is Viessmann certified in accordance with the environmental standard EN ISO 14001, but also participates in the EU's Eco Audit Scheme (EMAS) – one of the most stringent regulations for environmental protection. This order prescribes the determination of measurable environmental goals, which go beyond current environmental statutes.

Viessmann is the third business in Europe and the second in Germany to meet the Eco Audit requirements. The audit must be repeated by an independent environmental assessor every three years, and a monitoring audit must be carried out on an annual basis. The EMAS regulation was issued in 1993 and, although numerous other companies have eventually satisfied the Eco Audit requirements, Viessmann still retains its leading position – it is the only company in its sector to have all sites in Germany certified.

Certification to ISO 14 001

Alongside the European Eco Audit, which lays down stringent requirements regarding environmental transparency, there is also the international standard EN ISO 14 001 regarding the implementation of a general environmental management system.

This standard also aims to continually improve the environmental performance of businesses. Unlike the Eco Audit, this standard is implemented without an environmental statement validated by an external environmental assessor or publication.

Certification to EN ISO 50001

Viessmann was certified according to EU standard ISO 50001 for its energy management system at the Allendorf site and further locations.

Increasing energy efficiency plays a key role in achieving energy and climate policy targets. Energy efficiency is therefore an important part of resource efficiency. In this context, a standardised energy management system is to be gradually established over the next few years as standard for industrial companies.