Specialists in installation, maintenance and servicing for our heating systems

Advice, sales, installation and customer service are provided exclusively via Viessmann Trained Installers, who have in-depth knowledge of our products and can apply this to meet your needs. We have a national network of Viessmann Trained Installers and have trained in excess of 5000 installers over the last 3 years alone.*

Advantages of using our trained installers 

  • Free, no-obligation and individual advice
  • Home visit
  • Calculate the heat/DHW requirements of your household/property
  • Select an installer suitable for your energy source - oil, gas, solar, wood, air or geothermal - for a firm recommendation on the best option for your heating system
  • Information on economical combinations of different energy sources
  • At-a-glance calculation of potential heating cost savings following modernisation
  • Information on government subsidies and support with your application

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Request expert advice from a Viessmann Trained Installer 

* Please be aware that Viessmann Trained Installers listed on this website are not employed by Viessmann; and we cannot accept responsibility for their workmanship. We recommend that you obtain more than 1 quote and use your best judgement before employing a trades person.