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Vitotherm EI5

Electric instantaneous water heater

Vitotherm Instantaneous electric water heater. The EI5 instantaneous domestic water heater is a compact electric appliance ideally suited for a washbasin or sink.

Simple installation and virtually maintenance-free
With switchable output
Energy efficiency class: A
Simple replacement

For all common instantaneous water heaters

Easy fixing system

With integral compensation for unevenness in the wall

Insertion aid

For the connecting cable

Energy efficiency class

Energy efficiency class: A

Vitotherm electric  instantaneous water heater

Vitotherm E15 –   small in terms of performance but the ideal solution for a guest bathroom due to their extremely compact dimensions.

Benefits of electric instantaneous water heaters

In most cases, instantaneous water heaters run on electricity, which is already available. For the owner, this means easy installation on the one hand and quick commissioning on the other. In addition, only the water that is actually required is heated. This saves both energy and water. A further distinguishing feature of electric instantaneous water heaters is their virtually maintenance-free operation. This ensures DHW heating for years to come. If instantaneous water heaters are operated electronically, there are even more advantages.

Electronic instantaneous water heaters for different applications

From hydraulically controlled mini instantaneous water heaters to fully electronic instantaneous water heaters: These appliances are available in a wide variety of types. 


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