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The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of domestic and commercial heating, cooling, hot water and energy products.

Our world renowned solutions offer exceptional performance and high efficiency, helping our customers to lower their energy bills and reduce their environmental impact from the outset.

We develop all of our solutions with the future in mind. This means that our systems are designed to integrate seamlessly, giving you the chance to future-proof your home or business by incorporating renewable and alternative energy sources.

The vast majority of our products are also smart home ready, allowing you to control your system and save money wherever you are with just a tap.

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Heating Systems

Gas boilers

Whether you want a home heating system or an appliance to suit a large-scale commercial building, we will have a gas boiler to suit your needs. Our range of gas boilers combines the benefits of this fuel with the latest in innovative technology to offer you appliances that deliver convenience, comfort and efficiency. By choosing one of our gas boilers, you will be saving on your energy bills whilst helping to protect the environment.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps allow you to harness renewable energy from the sun, air, ground or groundwater, helping you to cut your CO2 emissions and lower your energy bills. Our products include state of the art heating systems, including ground and air source heat pumps designed for homes. We also offer large ground source heat pumps that are tailored for use in bigger properties and commercial buildings.

Many of our heat pumps hold a further advantage because they feature active or natural cooling functions that help to keep your rooms comfortable throughout the year by bringing cool air into your property during the warmer months.

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Combined heat and power

As their name suggests, our advanced combined heat and power (CHP) solutions generate heat and electricity simultaneously. 

These cogeneration systems are designed to minimise waste and are highly efficient, meaning they can offer significant cost savings and environmental benefits. 

We offer small scale CHP solutions for use in homes and a range of other buildings, as well as systems that operate as a supplement to central power stations.

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Electric heating & hot water

Electric hot water and heating systems can be the perfect choice when you have a low energy demand passive home or want to avoid the maintenance and hassle of servicing and maintaining a gas boiler. They can also be cheaper and easier to installr as the requirement for pipework and radiator installation is removed.

Our electric range covers both space and hot water heating. Theses include instantaneous, electric boilers, hot water heaters, electric convection heaters, panel heaters and underfloor heating.

Electric hot water and space heating
Domestic hot water cylinders

The efficient and reliable Vitocell family from Viessmann offers the right domestic hot water (DHW) cylinder for every home, ideally matched to the heat source. As well as systems for homes, we offer solutions that meet the more demanding requirements of apartment buildings. 

Whichever system you go for, you can be sure it will be superb quality and long lasting.

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Oil boilers

If your home isn’t connected to the gas grid, an oil boiler could be the ideal heating solution for you. Viessmann oil fired boilers work in a similar way to our gas boilers. Their condensing technology captures and re-uses heat in the flue gases, making them highly efficient. When you choose this technology, you will benefit from a good return on each unit of energy used. As well as saving you money, this will help you to lower your carbon footprint.

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Solar thermal

Choose from a range of flat-plate and tube collectors to find a solution that’s perfect for your home. We have solar thermal systems to suit all properties, and our products are designed for seamless integration with other domestic heating solutions to help future-proof your home and make it as green as possible. All of these solutions are highly efficient, durable and reliable.

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Viessmann's range of advanced solar photovoltaic technology enables you to take advantage of the free energy provided by the sun to produce electricity for your home or commercial building. Our solutions offer perfectly coordinated components consisting of photovoltaic modules, inverters and installation systems, as well as power storage systems and heat pumps to maximise the utilisation of power generated on site.

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Steam boilers

Whether you are looking for a high pressure industrial steam boiler for a hospital, manufacturing plant or other large-scale premises or you want a low pressure system for a laundrette or bakery, we can help. Our steam boilers are safe, reliable and efficient - and they comply with all relevant regulations.

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Commercial hot water boilers

When you need large-scale heating solutions for your premises, our cutting-edge range of hot water boiler systems could be ideal. They are designed to provide clean and energy efficient heat in a wide range of applications. Our commercial hot water boilers can be scaled to suit your exact requirements.

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