Vitovalor Fuel Cell
Vitovalor 300-P

The latest innovation in heating technology

The incredibly efficient, cutting-edge Vitovalor 300-P represents the latest in heating technology. Providing simultaneous heating and hot water using advanced fuel cell technology to convert hydrogen into energy, offering independence from rising electricity prices. The system combines heat and power generation on a very small footprint and offers considerably higher electrical efficiency than that available through current combined heat and power (CHP) solutions; making it the ideal future-thinking energy centre for modern family homes.

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  • EfficiencyLabel
  • Subsidies up to


  • Up to 30% lower


  • Environmentally 


  • The latest 


  • Small 


  • Smart Home with


  • Energy Efficiency


  • Made in


  • Up to 30% lower energy bills compared with gas condensing technology
  • Protect the environment through lower CO2 emissions
  • Increasing independence of electricity prices by generating power on site
  • Compact design with a small footprint
  • Efficient and environmentally responsible technology of the future
  • High operating convenience via tablet or smartphone
  • Government subsidies of up to £6,000 available
  • PACE funding available
  • Energy efficiency class: A++
  • Energy efficiency class, DHW heating: A

Vitovalor scoops two more UK awards in 2018

The fuel cell mCHP appliance won Innovation of the Year: Technology - Physical and also Home Energy Product of the Year, at the Energy Awards ceremony in London.

The awards ceremony brought together over 600 of the most senior operators in the energy market, both local and international, to recognise and celebrate the very best of the energy industry. For more information, see Energy Awards 2018.

Vitovalor wins at the Energy Awards 2018

Key benefits

Reduce costs and emissions

Heat more economically and save up to 30% on energy costs through efficient heating with the Vitovalor 300-P fuel cell. The cutting edge technology allows you to make long term savings whilst also protecting the climate through lower CO2 emissions.

Proven and reliable technology

The innovative Vitovalor 300-P features a proven fuel cell module from Panasonic within the micro CHP unit. Viessmann has integrated this fuel cell, proven in more than 200,000 applications in Japan, into a perfectly matched heating system with gas condensing boiler, DHW cylinder and control unit for maximum reliability.

Generate your own power

Vitovalor 300-P is the innovative alternative for decentralised power generation. Against the backdrop of discussions on energy and rising electricity prices, this solution is steadily gaining in relevance. In the future, CHP technology will be an important part of central power generation.

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