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Energy management gives a real-time view of energy flows in the home on a smartphone or tablet. These include values for photovoltaic power generated as well as consumed on site. e.g. for operating the heat pump. Energy Management makes these functions available for the Vitocharge VX3 power storage unit, the heat pumps of the new Vitocal 25x-A series and heat pumps in existing buildings with Vitoconnect up to 2016.

Display of energy flows in the house on smartphone or tablet


Energy Management helps to conserve resources and save costs through energy-efficient, optimised operation of all electrical and thermal-electrical energy systems in the home. Energy Management is optionally integrated into the new electronics platform and can be made available to the customer via the ViCare app.

In addition to controlling the components, Energy Management also links up devices connected online to form a complete system, including Vitocal  heat pumps, the Vitocharge  VX3 power storage unit, DHW cylinders  and power consuming appliances. Users can then efficiently manage the system for optimum operation. This makes it possible to control multiple system components in the home in a way that conserves resources and is energy efficient.


ViCare app: Live view and monitoring
Live view and monitoring of generation, self-consumption, battery charge level
Overview of battery charge use, feed-in and power drawn from the grid, including 2-year history
Optimised operation of heat pumps in combination with photovoltaic systems
Display of self-sufficiency and self-consumption
Display of CO₂ emissions and CO₂ savings achieved by the system
Display of energy flows in the ViCare and ViGuide app

Compatible systems

  • Vitocharge VX3 power storage system
  • Vitocharge  VX3 power storage unit with heat pump after November 2017: the heat pump can be connected to Vitocharge  VX3 via Vitoconnect, type  OPOT2 and the EEBUS.
  • The Vitotronic  200 control unit type  WO1C is compatible.

Commissioning and monitoring

Energy Management can be easily commissioned and activated by the trade partner using ViGuide. Monitoring by the Viessmann partner is carried out using ViGuide as usual (the view may vary depending on the version at the customer's premises and the heating contractor).

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