DHW Cylinders

When you want a new cylinder for your domestic hot water system, you can count on Viessmann. We offer a range of excellent quality, long lasting DHW cylinders and should have a solution that perfectly matches your specifications.

Our range of DHW cylinders includes models to suit a wide range of households. Whether you need lots of hot water to be available continuously in the mornings so that people can get ready for work or school, you want plenty of water for baths or you have other requirements, we can help. We also offer models that meet more demanding applications where hot water is required for multiple outlets at the same time, such as in apartment buildings.

In order to provide hygienic hot water, domestic hot water cylinders must have a high quality inner surface. For this reason, we rely on two high grade materials. Our Vitocell 100 range features a Ceraprotect enamel coating, while our Vitocell 300 range has a stainless steel inner surface. Both materials offer safe, lasting protection against corrosion and meet the strictest hygiene demands.

Regardless of your specific needs, we can offer you the right cylinder for your DHW system.

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DHW Cylinder Types

DHW Cylinders

You will find the ideal cylinder for your domestic hot water boiler and heating system in our Vitocell range. Choose from floor standing models or cylinders that can be installed adjacent to or underneath your DHW boiler.

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Dual mode DHW cylinders

Allowing you to take advantage of free solar power, our dual mode DHW cylinders feature indirect coils that are connected to a solar thermal system, as well as an indirect coil that is heated by a boiler.

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Freshwater Modules

In contrast to conventional DHW cylinders, our compact freshwater modules don’t use drinking water for storing thermal energy. Instead, they only heat water when required. They do this using a powerful plate heat exchanger.

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Heating Water Buffer Cylinders

Our dual mode DHW cylinders heat water using separate indirect coils connected to solar thermal systems. They also heat water by a boiler via indirect coils that are located in the top part of the cylinder.

Heating water buffer cylinders

The Vitocell Family

Regardless of the size of your home, how many people live there and how much hot water they use, our Vitocell range will have the right cylinder for your DHW heating system.

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Design & Technology

As with our domestic water boilers and other heating solutions, when you choose a DHW cylinder from Viessmann, you know you’re benefiting from industry leading design and technology. All of the cylinders we offer are made using high grade materials and are designed and built to last.

Solar ready systems

To equip you for the future, we recommend installing a solar thermal system. This will enable you to save energy, cut your bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Unvented hot water cylinders

Each of the models in our Vitocell range is an indirectly unvented hot water cylinder. These solutions are pressurised systems that take water directly from the cold mains feed. This eliminates the need for a cold water storage tank and means the cylinders deliver hot water at mains pressure. For this reason, they are perfect for improving the quality of your baths and showers. The water used in these cylinders is heated indirectly via the central heating system.

Hygienic and long lasting

The materials we use for the inner surface of our cylinders are Ceraprotect enamel coating and stainless steel. Ceraprotect enamel coating (used for the Vitocell 100 range) offers safe, lasting protection from corrosion. Stainless steel (used for the Vitocell 300 range) also satisfies the strictest hygiene standards.

The right DHW cylinder for you

No matter what sort of domestic water heater system you have in your home, we can offer a cylinder that fits your needs. Our range includes options for both wall mounted boilers and floor standing cylinders, and it includes compact models for more challenging spaces.

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Our Most Popular Domestic Hot Water Cylinders

Vitocell 300-B
The ideal hot water cylinder for solar thermal systems

Hygienic, convenient and economical DHW heating in conjunction with solar collectors and a boiler. The heat from the solar collectors is transferred to the DHW via the lower internal indirect coil.

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  • Designed for
  • Domestic
    Hot Water
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Storage capacity
    500 litres
Discover the Vitocell 300-B
  • EfficiencyLabel

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