Dual mode Domestic Hot Water cylinders

Dual mode DHW cylinders work to heat the DHW with separate indirect coils that are connected directly to the solar thermal system. DHW is also heated by a boiler via an indirect coil arranged in the upper section of the cylinder.

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The Vitocell product line-up

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Vitocell 300-B
The ideal hot water cylinder for solar thermal systems

Hygienic, convenient and economical DHW heating in conjunction with solar collectors and a boiler. The heat from the solar collectors is transferred to the DHW via the lower internal indirect coil.

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    Hot Water
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    500 litres
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Design & Technology

Demand for hot water is completely different in every household. The number of people in your household and their bath and shower habits will all influence the amount of hot water you require on a daily basis. For example, if three members of a family set off for work and school at the same time, lots of hot water needs to be continuously available for the shower in a short space of time. Those who prefer a bath will also want to have enough hot water to fill the tub.

Our hygienic and long-lasting dual mode DHW cylinders are designed to meet all of your household's requirements, whilst allowing you to benefit from cost savings through the use of free solar power.

Vitocell DHW cylinders

Viessmann Vitocell DHW cylinders only require a small floor space. Thanks to their elegant design they can always be installed in multi purpose rooms.

Save money with solar energy

All of our domestic DHW products are designed with the future in mind and come ready for use with solar energy.

In all applications, we recommend the installation of a solar thermal system. Equipping you for the future, this will help you to save energy and also save money when heating water in your home.

Hygienic DHW

The quality of the inner surface of the DHW cylinder is crucial to providing DHW hygienically. For this reason, Viessmann relies on two high quality materials: Ceraprotect enamel coating for safe, lasting protection against corrosion – applicable to the Vitocell 100 range. stainless steel – used for the Vitocell 300 range – which satisfies the highest hygiene demands. The Vitocell cylinder range offers you the right DHW cylinder for your specific requirements.

Advantages of a dual mode DHW cylinder

Our dual mode DHW cylinders offer a range of benefits including:

  • Long service life through corrosion-resistant DHW cylinder made from high grade stainless steel.
  • Hygienic and made to food hygiene standards with high surface quality.
  • No protective anode required for additional corrosion protection, therefore no additional running costs.
  • An indirect coil reaching right down to the cylinder floor heats the entire water content.
  • High DHW convenience through rapid, even heating via generously sized indirect coils.
  • Low heat losses through highly effective, all-round thermal insulation.
  • The Vitocell 300-B with 500 litres capacity is supplied with lightweight removable thermal insulation for easier handling.
  • Energy efficiency class: A

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