Electric hot water and heating systems

At Viessmann, experience from more than 100 years of heat generation is the basis for every form of energy generation. Sustainable sources have taken an increasingly high priority: be it for the generation of heat from the environment or for the generation of electricity from solar energy.

Reason enough for Viessmann to consistently expand its full range of products to include electric hot water and heating systems. The new electrical systems can also be combined with existing home setups. 

Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are excellent for heating buildings which may not have access to a gas supply and are an ideal solution in energy saving construction. 

With low operating costs, they are small appliances with a neat appearance which can be installed practically anywhere.

Convenient DHW heating with Vitotherm

For electric instantaneous water heating, Vitotherm is the perfect choice. Modern fully electronic devices are inexpensive to buy, have practically no maintenance costs and only consume electricity when hot water is required.

In addition to the energy / water savings, the user benefits from the ease of use, the devices can be set to the nearest degree and keep this temperature constant. In addition, warm water is immediately available thanks to the short pipeline routes. 

Passive house and low energy space heating with Vitoplanar

In newly built and passive homes, the energy requirement for heating is extremely low. However, there are also living areas where the installation of Vitoplanar surface heating is recommended, for example  when you quickly need to heat a tiled floor in the bathroom or kitchen area.

Vitoplanar electric heaters offer flexible application options. In addition to electric floor mats for laying on the screed and under laminate, parquet and tiled floors, infrared heaters are also part of Viessmann's comprehensive range. They come with staggered outputs and are suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting.

Heat Pumps

Our advanced heat pump technology utilises heat in outdoor air and the ground to provide cost effective and environmentally responsible heating. These pumps can be used as standalone units or they can be incorporated into your existing heating system as an additional source of heat.

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