Electric Boiler hanging on wall in kitchen

Home heating and hot water 

Electric boilers provide many advantages to the homeowner over gas boilers or solid-fuel boilers as they require less maintenance and do not need an external flue to extract the gases.

Vitotron Electric Boiler

Viessmann electric boilers are a modern, convenient, safe and eco-friendly heat source when used in conjunction with energy generated from renewable sources.

The Vitotron 100 electric boiler is slimline and aesthetic, easy to assemble and cheap to install. The use of a weather compensated control ensures high heat comfort and maintenance-free operation which, with a boiler efficiency of 99.4% (actual efficiency) ensures energy-efficient operation.

Which Electric heating or hot water system is the best for you?

Heating Systems

Heating independent of fossil fuels

As we aim to decarbonise our homes we need to look towards other methods of providing heating and hot water in our homes.

Electric boilers can be perfect for flats or energy efficient homes with good insulation.


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