Vitotron 100

Fossil fuel independent heating.

Electric boilers are excellent for heating buildings without a gas supply and are an ideal solution in energy saving construction.

  • Outputs
    4, 6 and 8 kW
  • Electric
    Hot water
  • low
  • Quiet
  • Energy Efficieny
  • Aesthetic and easy to assemble
  • Easy to use control with graphic display
  • Automatic heater power modulation
  • No flue, no fuel tanks, no gas!
  • Can work with most central heating systems 
  • Weather control ensures the most energy effective boiler operation 

Key Benefits

  • The control panel allows you to adjust the temperature of the water in the heating circuit in the range from 20 to 85 ° C.
  • Automatic modulation of the heater power depending on the temporary heat demand.
  • The weather controller, thanks to the automatic reaction to changes in the outside temperature, ensures the most energy-efficient operation of the boiler.
  • The controller allows you to program the temperature in heated rooms in a daily and weekly cycle.
  • Possible cooperation with a solid fuel boiler or fireplace and with a photovoltaic installation.

Easy installation and control of the boiler operation

Installing the Vitotron 100 is inexpensive and does not require a gas connection, a chimney, a boiler room or a fuel storage room. All you need to operate the device is an electrical connection. 

High thermal comfort and maintenance-free operation of this device are ensured, among others, by weather control (type VMN3). With a boiler efficiency of 99.4% (actual efficiency), it guarantees energy-saving operation of the heating system

The use of an electric boiler with a buffer tank for heat storage provides comfortable and inexpensive heating, with relatively low investment costs.

Combining with Solar PV the Vitotron 100 boiler can be even more cost effective, first of all by using free electricity, generated from a solar source. The combination of the advantages of heat storage and the production of free energy from a photovoltaic installation ensures the lowest home heating costs.

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Product Data

Vitotron 100 product brochure

Vitotron 100 Electric Boiler

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  • low
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