Room and Space Heating

Vitoplanar surface heating

Infrared heaters, and wall convectors offer a wide range of applications: For example in the bathroom when it is late summer but not cold enough for full home heating, or in the garage or basement, which might be used as hobbyist rooms or workshops. There are many reasons why electric panel heating is the optimal solution for temporary heat generation.

Pleasant infrared heat thanks to electrical wall heating

Modern surface heating systems that are operated electrically are often used in the form of wall heating. Depending on the model, they are attached above the floor or at eye level. From there, they transfer the thermal energy into the living space. 

Wall convectors provide warmth in the shortest possible time

Electric heating is not only available as infrared heaters, but also as wall convectors. Operated electrically, they emit the thermal energy in the form of heated room air to the environment. The heat generation is extremely fast and the devices are relatively inexpensive to purchase. Whether as a support for the existing radiator in the bathroom or as a complete heating solution for rarely used rooms: Viessmann wall convectors are available in several output levels.  

Which electric heating or hot water system is the best for you?

Electric Infrared panel heaters

Different surfaces are suitable for the respective application. The radiating surface is optionally painted in the RAL color or is supplied with a white glass front. 

Infrared surface heating systems with a mirrored surface are also ideal in the bathroom or hallway. Of course, all devices can be operated in an environmentally conscious way with sustainably generated electricity, which is now available everywhere.

Electric Convection Heaters

Wall-mounted electric convector radiators suitable for room and home heating . 

Electric Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating for installation ceramic floors

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