Vitocal 350-G PRO

A large heat pump that delivers flow temperatures up to 73°C

Vitocal 350-­G Pro is a large heat pump that achieves high flow temperatures of up to 73°C, meeting the requirements of hygiene regulations for DHW heating. Also features advanced technology for efficient cooling.  

  • Ground source
    Heat pump
  • DHW up to
  • Efficient
  • Superior
  • Designed for
    Low noise
  • Designed for 
    Low vibration
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Power Supply
     400 Volts
  • High flow temperatures up to 73°C
  • Low noise and anti-vibration design
  • Traditional cooling/heating function with buffer cylinder
  • Reliable technology and straightforward operation
  • Remote monitoring and communication available
  • Meets hygiene regulations for DHW heating

Key Benefits

DHW heated in compliance with hygiene standards

Vitocal 350-­G Pro achieves high flow temperatures of up to 73°C, thus meeting the requirements of hygiene regulations for DHW heating.

The special temperature maintaining facility guarantees hot inlet temperatures downstream of the loading system at all times, even during the loading cycle.

Remote monitoring and communication

The control unit boasts numerous communication options, from a simple analogue modem to a LAN-supported system.

Use of Modbus technology and Bacnet is also possible. This makes the system accessible for remote maintenance over the internet, for example. It can also be integrated quickly into existing building management systems.

Efficient cooling

In cooling mode, the control unit decides whether the waste heat can be utilised for DHW heating and/or for charging the heating water buffer cylinder. If not, the waste heat is used to reheat the ground loop or is discharged to the outdoor air via a dry cooler.

Pre-assembled electrical equipment

The electrical equipment is already integrated inside the heat pump casing as standard. Factory-fitted contactors for fail-safe primary and secondary pumps, as well as protection for the compressor, guarantee straightforward installation and the safe and rapid integration of the large heat pump into the system.

Proven and reliable technology

The control philosophy was adopted from the Vitocal series for detached and two-family houses. Here too, the Refrigerant Cycle Diagnostic System (RCD) checks efficiency continuously and safeguards the efficient and reliable function at any operating point through the interaction between the electronic expansion valve (EEV) and the extensive sensor technology. 

With the optional addition of a Vitocom 300 communication module, a comprehensive range of settings and system optimisations can be undertaken from anywhere via internet or mobile phone.

Optimised appliance construction for quiet operation

As is the case for all heat pumps, the compressors emit noise in the 50 to 60 Hz range. Thanks to the high quality construction of the frame and anti-vibration casing components, it has been possible to keep this noise within the casing. Vibrations on the base support are barely perceptible as the 3-D antivibration construction is specifically designed to dissipate oscillations. 

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The Vitoconnect 100 is a WiFi interface to establishes the connection allowing you to remotely operate your heating system by app, as well as supporting remote maintenance via Vitoguide.

ViCare app

With the new ViCare app, operating your heating system has become even easier and more intuitive. You can adjust heating times to suit your individual requirements using the integral wizard and see cost savings displayed instantly.

Heat pumps up to 2000 kW

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Vitocal 350-G Pro

Vitocal 350-G Pro

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