Two different ways to cool a building

Heat pump air conditioners (ACs) and cooling systems enable you to harness natural, renewable energy to cool your rooms to a pleasant temperature during warmer weather. They are therefore more environmentally friendly than traditional AC systems, and they can help you to minimise your energy costs too.

There are two main types of heat pump ACs, both of which are pre-assembled and quick and easy to install.

Passive cooling

With these heat pump cooling systems, the brine medium or groundwater absorbs the energy from the heating circuit via a heat exchanger, transferring it outside your home or commercial building. These solutions are also often referred to as natural cooling systems. Apart from the circulation pump and control unit, the heat pump remains switched off.

Active cooling

In contrast, an active cooling system reverses the function of a heap pump. The refrigerant circuit is either reversed internally or reversed by an external changeover of the primary and secondary circuits. Like a fridge, these pumps actively generate a cooling capacity.

Which heating system is the best for you?

Natural and active cooling product line-up

Active and passive cooling with a heat pump

Used in conjunction with a heat pump, this space saving solution delivers both natural and active cooling to help you stay comfortable on warm days.

  • Active / passive
  • Designed for
    Heat pumps
  • Ideal for
    New builds
  • Keeps interiors
Discover the AC-Box
So your heat pump can cool the building in summer

So your heat pump can cool your building in summer Quick and easy to install, the NC-Box uses a heat pump to provide energy efficient and affordable cooling for your building in warmer weather.

  • Natural / active
  • Designed for
    Heat pumps
  • Ideal for
    New builds
  • Affordable &
Discover the NC-Box

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Design & Technology

Our innovative active and natural cooling systems use heat pumps to create a pleasant interior environment in hot weather. Our NC-Box has a cooling capacity of up to 5 kW, while our AC-Box has a cooling capacity of up to 13 kW.

The AC-Box - Effective cooling on hot days

When delivering natural cooling, the AC-Box removes excess heat via the heating circuit, transferring it to the relatively cool groundwater or ground. Electricity is only needed for the circulation of the pumps.

When in active cooling mode, this solution makes your heat pump work in a similar way to a refrigerator. It reverses the inputs and outputs of the heat pump and channels chilled water via the compressor circuit into the interior of your building, therefore cooling it.

Utilising extracted energy

As an added benefit, the heat extracted from inside your building can be used, for example to heat a swimming pool or provide domestic hot water.

This ensures that cooling and heating functions can be combined effectively and efficiently.

The NC-Box - Energy-efficient and affordable cooling

In hot weather, the heat pump control unit switches over to natural cooling via the NC-Box, removing heat from inside your building via the central heating circuit and transferring it to the cooler groundwater or ground.

Only a small amount of electricity is needed for the circulation pumps. All other functions of the heat pump stay switched off. This makes the NC-Box an extremely affordable and efficient way to cool the interior of your home or commercial premises.

All in one box

A compact solution, the NC-Box is fitted with all necessary components at the factory, meaning it can be quickly and easily installed by your heating engineer.

Operating a heat pump saves valuable resources

Heat pump cooling systems take advantage of the cooling properties of the environment around your building, meaning you can cool your rooms in an energy efficient and cost effective way. This means they can help you to reduce your consumption of fossil fuels, lower CO2 emissions and conserve valuable natural resources.

Benefits of natural and active cooling:

  • Affordable and energy efficient
  • Compact and thermally insulated
  • Pre-assembled at the factory
  • Quick and easy to install

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