The new standard for gas boilers

Boiler Plus is a new standard for gas boilers in England. These improved boiler efficiencies benefit householders by lowering fuel bills and also cut carbon, contributing to carbon reduction targets.

There are three parts to the new standards

  • increasing the boiler minimum performance requirement for new gas boilers to 92% ErP.
  • requiring that all new boiler installations (gas and oil) include time and temperature controls.
  • requiring new gas combination boiler replacements to include the provision of an additional energy efficiency measure to be installed at the same time. Additional measures include: specified smart controls, weather compensation, load compensation, or flue gas heat recovery (FGHR).

These changes are a requirement from 6 April 2018 and have been implemented in the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide 2018.

The Government has also produced some Boiler Plus FAQs.

A review of boiler plus will take place one year after implementation. For example, the requirement for additional efficiency measures only applies to combination boilers and consideration will be given as to whether this should be extended to other boiler types such as heat only and system. As outlined in the FAQs the rationale for not including these boilers relates to ensuring there is no risk from legionella.

Boiler plus requirements by boiler type

Vitodens 050-W, 100- W and 111-W Combi boilers

In readiness for the new legislation we are delighted to announce that our Vitodens 050-W, 100- W and 111-W Combi boilers are now fully compliant with the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide (DBSCG) 2018 (for Part L 2013) as standard. The Weather compensation sensor will be included in the box at no extra cost and with no part number changes.

These Boiler Plus compliant models are easily recognisable by the DBSCG label on the boiler box, shown here.

No change to the Vitodens 200 SeriesĀ 

The Vitodens 200 range of boilers includes the weather compensation sensor as standard in the control that comes with the boiler.